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Sengkang Grand Mall Food Guide: 10 Places For Legit Hunan Cuisine, Korean Fried Chicken And More

4th April 2024

Sengkang Grand Mall food guide

With the opening of Buangkok Hawker Centre and its neighbouring Sengkang Grand Mall in 2023, North-Easties gained access to a new array of eating options in their area. While the former’s range of hawker food is the more wallet-friendly option, the latter is great if you’re looking for mid-range restaurant fare. In this listicle, we’ll introduce you to the best Sengkang Grand Mall food spots for whenever you decide to visit this new-ish mall.

1. Xiang Xiang Hunan Cuisine

sengkang-grand-mall-xiang-xiangImage credit: XIANG XIANG 湘香湖南菜

If you have yet to try the rich and seriously spicy fare from Hunan, China, this would be a good place to start. Xiang Xiang Hunan Cuisine is known for its authentic dishes from the province in question, including Beef with special chili (from $18.90++) and Pickled vegetable with fish in soup (from $24.90++). For something unique, try the Spicy bullfrog pot (from $36.90++), which turns succulent bullfrog into an exciting, piquant dish.

Unit number: #01-32
Opening hours: Sun-Thurs 11am to 10pm, Fri-Sat 11am to 10:30pm
Tel: 6908 8121
Xiang Xiang Hunan Cuisine is not a halal-certified eatery.


ippudo ramen

IPPUDO, renowned for its Hakata-style tonkotsu ramen, offers a selection of signature dishes. Among them is the Shiromaru Motoaji Special ($23.90++), celebrated for its creamy pork-based broth. For those who prefer bolder flavours, the Akamaru Shinaji (from $16.90++) is a good option, as it features a unique blend of miso paste and garlic oil. Also try the Karaka Men (from $17.90++), a more tantalising option with its spicy miso paste and Sichuan pepper-infused tonkotsu broth.

Unit number: #01-18/19
Opening hours: Daily 11am to 9:20pm
Tel: 6539 9578
IPPUDO is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Collin's 1-For-1 - Chicken ChopImage credit: @alvinongks

COLLIN’S is one of the more popular Western food chains in the country, and it’s easy to see why. With prices that won’t break the bank and a tantalising selection of grilled meats and other hearty mains, you’re likely to come away from a meal here thoroughly satisfied.

For a safe, reliable option here, go for the Signature Grilled Chicken Chop ($15++), which features smoky and juicy grilled chicken alongside spaghetti aglio olio, grilled corn, and mesclun greens. Other popular picks include the Classic Wagyu Cheese Burger ($20++) and Signature Roasted BBQ Pork Ribs ($19++).

Unit number: #01-20
Opening hours: Daily 10am to 10:30pm
Tel: 6514 8590
COLLIN’S is not a halal-certified eatery.

4. JINJJA Chicken


For those craving Korean fried chicken, Jinjja Chicken is a solid and affordable pick. This fast-casual eatery sells fried chicken in several flavours, including soy garlic, yangnyeom, mala and more. Prices start at $7.90 for six-piece wings, or $8.90 for three-piece drumsticks. Apart from their double-fried chicken, the eatery also has other Korean dishes on the menu, including Korean Beef Pancake ($11.90), Kimchi Fried Rice ($12.90), Army Stew ($13.90) and more.

Unit number: #01-17
Opening hours: Sat-Thurs 11am to 9pm, Fri-Sat 11am to 9:30pm
JINJJA Chicken is a halal-certified eatery.

5. Twyst

sengkang-grand-mall-twystImage credit: @twystpasta

Twyst Pasta where you can get takeaway pasta that is both convenient and delicious. You can customise your dish to your liking here, with the type of pasta, its base, and toppings left entirely up to you. Some interesting base options include the Gochujang ($10.90) and Laksa Olio ($10.90). For non-spicy options, go for the classic Tomato Pomodoro ($9.50) or the creamy and rich Miso Butter ($10.90). As for toppings, options include poached chicken, smoked duck, and beef pepperoni.

Unit number: #01-05
Opening hours: Daily 10:30am to 9pm
Twyst Pasta is a halal-certified eatery.

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6. Sukiya Gyudon Curry

sukiya singapore funan foodImage credit: Sukiya

Sukiya is known for its affordable gyudon bowls, curry rice and other hearty Japanese eats. You’ll just be set back $4.20 for their smallest bowl of gyudon, but for those with large appetites, the extra large $8.90 option is always available. If you’re looking for more unique renditions of the dish, however, you can try the Melted Cheese Gyudon (from $6.80), Kimchi Gyudon (from $5.50), Okra Gyudon (from $5.80) and more.

Unit number: #01-69/70
Opening hours: Daily 10am to 10pm
Sukiyua is not a halal-certified eatery.

7. City Hot Pot

sengkang-grand-mall-city-hot-potImage credit: 旺爐 City Hot Pot

If you’re looking to feast with friends and family, there are few options in Sengkang Grand Mall that are better than City Hot Pot. What sets this place apart from other hotpot eateries is the 20 different soup bases to choose from, including bak kut teh, kimchi, laksa, and a fish soup with milk. If you’re dining in a group of four, we recommend you get Set E ($119.99++), which gets you the aforementioned soup bases alongside ingredients such as Wagyu beef slices, pork collar, fresh prawns and more.

Unit number: #02-09
Opening hours: Daily 11:30am to 10pm
Tel: 6539 9295
City Hot Pot is not a halal-certified eatery.

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8. Sanook Kitchen

sanook-kitchen-tom-yum-soup Image credit: @selina.lim.3133

Sanook Kitchen is one of the more popular franchises around for delicious and affordable Thai food—best of all, they are also halal-certified! If you’re dining with others, we recommend ordering the Thai Super Bowl Red Tom Yum Soup ($38.90++), which is packed with fresh seafood, instant noodles, and eggs in a flavorful tom yum broth. For a satisfying main dish, opt for the Stir-fried Kway Teow with Beef Kai Lan ($7.90++) or the Basil Chicken Rice ($7.50++), both offering hearty flavours and generous portions.

Unit number: #01-15/16
Opening hours: Daily 11am to 10pm
Tel: 6231 1593
Sanook Kitchen is a halal-certified eatery.

9. Qin Ji Rougamo

As its name suggests, Qin Ji Rougamo specialises in rougamo AKA Chinese burgers, a street food item originating from the Shaanxi Province. The bestselling Qin Ji Pork Rougamo ($5.80) is essentially a crispy baked pastry sandwiched by juicy shredded pork, with the pork said to be slow-cooked for 10 hours to achieve that melt-in-the-mouth tenderness. Those who prefer having beef can opt for the Black Pepper Beef Rougamo ($5.90) instead.

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Unit number: #01-37
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11am to 9:30pm
Tel: 6592 4323
Qin Ji Rougamo is not a halal-certified eatery.

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10. Le Shrimp

le shrimp star vista food

Le Shrimp is where you can get delicious la mian in a prawn broth that’s prepared using Japanese ramen techniques. Be sure to order the Le Signature Trio Shrimp Ramen ($18.90++), which lets you slurp on said prawn broth alongside silky noodles, ebiko prawn paste, prawn dumplings, and fresh, chunky prawns. If you like having pork ribs with your prawn noodles, you can go for the Big Prawn & Braised Pork Rib Shrimp Ramen ($18.90++) instead.

Unit number: #01-81
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11am to 10pm, Sat-Sun 10:30am to 10pm
Tel: 6487 6489
Le Shrimp is not a halal-certified eatery.

What to eat in Sengkang Grand Mall

This was a list of the best eateries you’ll find in the impressive Sengkang Grand Mall. For another North-East mall to check out, read our Northshore Plaza food guide. Those who live in the East can check out our Pasir Ris food guide for some great eats in the area.

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