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This Bukit Merah Hawker Stall Has Espresso-Based Kopi Under $2 And Garlic Toast

21st July 2023

Star Coffee has espresso-based kopi and garlic toast

star-coffee-storefrontImage credit: Star Coffee

It’s not every day that we see kopi being made with an espresso machine, especially in a hawker setting. Located at Bukit Merah Central Hawker Centre, Star Coffee has been making waves on TikTok for their espresso-brewed kopi and affordable garlic toast!

espresso-bukit-merahImage credit: Star Coffee

Their Signature Coffee is priced at $1.90, but you can also get their Buddy Deal that comes with two cuppas for $3.50. The stall’s owner, Mr Loh, prepares the coffee grounds using an electric coffee bean grinder, before pulling each shot with an espresso machine. Those who prefer iced coffee can opt for the Signature Coffee Ice ($2.20) instead.

Customers are also encouraged to indicate their preferred level of sweetness for their kopi: Sweet, More Sweet, or Less Sweet.

kopi-close-upImage credit: Star Coffee

Served in old-school kopitiam ceramic cups, their kopi is said to have a smooth texture and thick crema that’s more aromatic than that of typical Nanyang-style kopi. Some Google reviewers have even compared their kopi to coffee from specialty cafes, noting the similarities in taste—at a much more affordable price point.

As the stall has become increasingly popular, do expect a longer waiting time, especially if you’re getting your coffee fix in the morning.

The stall also offers other drinks including Hot Chocolate ($1.90), Milo Ice Plus ($1.70), and Signature Mocha ($2.20).

Image credit: Star Coffee

For a more substantial breakfast, there’s the Signature Coffee Set ($3.20) that comes with your choice of kaya toast or garlic toast. The popular pick here is the garlic toast, which is said to sport a crispy crust and a fluffy centre, and is served with just the right touch of garlic butter. You can also add soft-boiled eggs to go with your set, which will cost an additional $0.80.

Do note that the coffee set is only available between 11:30am and 2pm.

For more under-the-radar coffeeshops in Bukit Merah, check out Heng Heng Coffee Stall, which sells burnt kaya and peanut butter buns. If you’re a big fan of kopi, read our list of 10 best kopi stalls in Singapore.

Address: Block 163 Hawker Centre, #02-22 Bukit Merah Central, Singapore 150163
Opening hours: Daily 7:45am to 4:30pm
Tel: 9321 5199
Star Coffee is not a halal-certified eatery, but does not use pork, lard, or alcohol.

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Feature image adapted from Star Coffee.

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