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Eatfully Has Ready-To-Eat Fusion Meals Such As Laksa Linguine, Available At Cold Storage And More

1st August 2023

Eatfully has ready-to-eat fusion meals at RedMart and selected Cold Storage stores


With our hectic everyday lives, it may be hard to find yourself the time to whip up a feast for yourself. That’s where ready-to-eat meals, such as those offered by Eatfully, come in.

Available at selected Cold Storage stores and RedMart, Eatfully’s quality ready-to-eats are unique in that they offer dishes from various cuisines as well as exciting fusion dishes. These dishes can be prepared in just five minutes—they are fuss-free and delicious!


Take the Laksa Prawn Linguine ($6.20), for instance. It looks like a fairly simple pasta dish, but it packs a flavourful punch.


There’s a rich, savoury laksa taste in each mouthful, along with noticeable hints of lemongrass. The sweet, crunchy prawns in the dish are decent, too. As far as Italian fusions go, this one hits the mark for a ready-to-eat meal.


Eatfully also offers a Thai-inspired meal: the Thai Basil Chicken with Jasmine Rice ($6.20).


A spoonful of this dish contains fluffy rice, moist minced chicken, the aroma of basil, and a balanced spicy kick. The hearty portion here means you’re likely to sate your appetite with this meal.


Finally, there’s the Teriyaki Chicken with Miso Cauliflower & Four-Grain Rice ($6.20), which contains some of Japanese cuisine’s most popular and beloved flavours.


The chicken, slathered in a sweet and savoury teriyaki sauce, is surprisingly juicy and tender.


Interestingly, the cauliflower here is imbued with the umami of miso. Having them together with the multigrain rice makes for quite the moreish and wholesome treat.

Next time you’re looking for a quick meal, consider trying one of Eatfully’s delectable ready-to-eat sets!

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Photos taken by Melvin Mak.
This post is brought to you by Eatfully.

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