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Surrey Hills Grocer Opens In Raffles City With New Menu, Get Mochi Egglet Waffles And More

18th July 2023

Surrey Hills Grocer opens in Raffles City

surrey hills raffles city - flatlay

PSA to brunch fans: Surrey Hills Grocer has opened their newest outlet at Raffles City! This is the Australian cafe-grocer’s fourth outlet, after ION Orchard, Raffles Place, and their pet-friendly Jurong branch.

surrey hills raffles city - storefront

The ION Orchard branch of Surrey Hills Grocer is super popular, with reservations necessary to secure a table there. If that’s not reason enough to check out the latest opening above City Hall MRT Station, the menu here is outlet-exclusive, with dishes created in collaboration with MasterChef Singapore Season Two winner Derek Cheong!

surrey hills raffles city - crab avo

Like at their other cafes, Surrey Hills Grocer at Raffles City has a selection of all-day brunch dishes. The list includes their Turkish Brunch Platter ($24++), a loaded plate of hummus, baba ganoush, herb yoghurt, falafel and marinated tomato with avocado and toasted garlic pita, as well as Crab Avo ($28++), one of Chef Derek’s creations.

surrey hills raffles city - crab avo detail

Here, toasted sourdough is served with house-made guacamole and a whole lot of crabmeat mixed in with a kelp aioli.

surrey hills raffles city - crab avo on fork

It’s ultra-rich, especially with the creamy, buttery scrambled eggs that it’s accompanied with.

surrey hills raffles city - pastrami eggs benny

For something different from your usual eggs benny, they’ve got you covered with Pastrami Egg Benny ($29++), starring tender, house-made beef pastrami on a purple cabbage and apple sauerkraut slaw.

surrey hills raffles city - pastrami eggs benny detail

Cut into perfectly poached, orange-yolked eggs blanketed in a parsley hollandaise sauce, which is considerably less jelak than what you’d typically get.

surrey hills raffles city - barramundi

Seafood lover Chef Derek is also the brains behind Barramundi ($38++), served with burnt cauliflower and quinoa rice, in a super tasty and lightly spiced coconut broth.

surrey hills raffles city - barramundi detail

Surrey Hills Grocer champions farm-to-table dining, and you’ll find this in the locally farmed barramundi fillet presented on this dish.

surrey hills raffles city - mentaiko tater tots

On the side, don’t miss an order of Tater Tots ($18++), over which house-made mentaiko mayo is drizzled and torched, then finished with shredded nori, bonito, and tobiko.

surrey hills raffles city - banana bread

There are three signature desserts on the menu here, created by ex-Antoinette chef-owner Pang Kok Keong. The first of these is ‘Banana Bread’ ($18++), which is served with sea salt butterscotch caramel, fruit cream, creme Chantilly, as well as a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

surrey hills raffles city - double fried donut french toast

Then, there’s Double Fried Donut French Toast ($22++), a unique take on the classic French toast, which goes swimmingly well with the pistachio praline drizzled on the plate.

surrey hills raffles city - mochi egglet waffle

Rounding off their signature desserts is Mochi Egglet Waffle ($26++), a chewy take on the Hong Kong-style egglet waffles, served with a jar of warm chocolate sauce.

surrey hills raffles city - snickers cake nesuto

Head to their dessert counter for Sourbombe bomboloni and Nesuto cakes in Surrey Hills-exclusive flavours such as Snickers Cake ($14++).

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surrey hills raffles city - coral latte

No Aussie cafe is complete without drinks, and if you’re here with kids, you definitely need to order their Coral Latte ($7.50++), a blue pea-infused milk drink that’s served with multi-coloured marshmallows!

For more cafe-hopping ideas, check out Nesuto’s newest cafe in Jewel, otherwise head to Marina Bay Sands for the first-ever Ralph Lauren Cafe in town!

Address: 252 North Bridge Road, #03-42, Raffles City, Singapore 179103
Opening hours: Daily 10am to 10pm
Surrey Hills Grocer is not a halal-certified eatery

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Photos taken by Michelle P and edited by Melvin Mak.
This was a media tasting at Surrey Hills Grocer.

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