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Tai Feng Wei: Popular Taiwanese Eatery With Din Tai Fung-Style Fried Rice And Noodles

4th January 2024

Tai Feng Wei has DTF-style fried rice and Taiwanese food

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If you’re craving Taiwanese food, one of the most reliable and accessible eateries to dine at is Tai Feng Wei. I say accessible because the brand currently has 11 outlets spread out across the country, with three more branches said to be on the way. They are known for their good variety of Taiwanese dishes sold at affordable prices.

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Do note that prices vary according to location. The prices below are based on the MacPherson branch, located inside Grantral Mall.

tai-feng-wei-fried-riceImage credit: @meapsiefoodstuff

Many patrons come here for the fried rice dishes, which have been compared to Din Tai Fung’s. With its short-grain rice, solid wok hei, and lots of egg, it’s easy to see why those comparisons are made. Their fried rice comes in many varieties too, ranging from the Pork Chop Fried Rice with Fish Roe ($9.60+) to the Shrimp Fried Rice with Fish Roe ($9.20+). If you’d like a spicier version, there’s the Sambal Fried Rice (from $10.40+) and Mala Eggs Fried Rice (from $10.40+) too.

tai-feng-wei-lu-rou-fanImage credit: @bennydunreallycare

Be sure to try the classic Braised Pork Rice ($7.80+), AKA lu rou fan. Customers have praised the flavourful braising sauce and juicy pork belly bits that lay atop a bed of fluffy short-grain rice.

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Those who prefer noodle dishes will find plenty to like here, too. The Pork & Shrimp Wantons Noodle with Shallot Sauce ($8.20+), with its chewy noodles, fragrant sauce, and succulent wonton, comes highly recommended.

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Website | Full list of outlets
Tai Feng Wei is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Feature image adapted from @meapsiefoodstuff and @bennydunreallycare.

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