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Tempura Bar Review: 5-Course Omakase At $38++ In Paya Lebar

23rd December 2023

Tempura Bar has affordable omakase at SingPost Centre 


Run, don’t walk! Tempura Bar offers a tempting five-course omakase for just $38++ per person! Located in SingPost Centre, this three-month-old casual Japanese dining gem is just a short minute’s walk away from Paya Lebar MRT Station.


FYI, Tempura Bar is the well-loved Astons group’s latest addition, situated in the same space formerly occupied by Aji Ichi Sushi Bar, another establishment from the same group. Setting themselves apart from Aji Ichi, as you can probably tell from their name, Tempura Bar specialises in tempura. But that’s not all━their menu is extensive, featuring sashimi, udon, donburi, and a wide selection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Among their impressive array of dishes, the spotlight this time is on their budget-friendly five-course omakase. This course comprises three appetisers including their signature tempura, a main, and a dessert. If you’re in the mood for some alcohol, consider adding $30++ for unlimited house sake and wine or simply enjoy a glass for just $10++ more.

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Food at Tempura Bar


We kicked off the course with Airflown Sashimi, beautifully presented on a platter of ice, featuring four kinds of sashimi. We had salmon, maguro, hamachi, AKA yellowtail fish, and plump oysters from Hiroshima topped with ikura.


It’s a good mix of oceanic flavours, featuring the briny notes from the oysters and the fresh sweetness of the sashimi. I was impressed by the thick-cut slices of sashimi. The salmon boasted a vibrant orange hue, and the hamachi had a pretty pink marbling, but what stood out for me was the maguro with its deep red colour and rich, meaty flavour.


Our next dish was Tamago Mentaiyaki, which took me by surprise with its incredibly smooth and creamy texture, offering a melt-in-the-mouth sensation.


The mentaiyaki complemented the egg flavour seamlessly, introducing briny and savoury notes that struck a good balance without drowning out the egg flavour.


A highlight of the course was the Signature Tempura, starring all-time favourites such as ebi, jumbo crab meat, anago, AKA saltwater eel, and Australian asparagus. These are all served with a sweet-savoury tentsuyu to dip the tempura in, mixed in with grated daikon.

The freshly fried tempura featured a light batter, delivering an airy and crisp texture without being overly greasy. However, I was let down by the anago which was a bit chewier than anticipated and had a mild fishy undertone. On a positive note, the ebi stood out for me, offering a good contrast between the succulent bite of the prawn and its crisp exterior.


As for the main course, the cold Inaniwa Udon is accompanied by a chilled tsuyu dipping sauce garnished with spring onions and wasabi.


The noodles used are specially imported from Japan, and unlike regular udon, Inaniwa udon is notably thinner. I was impressed by its chewiness, as it remained QQ without breaking apart.


I particularly enjoyed the refreshing flavour of the chilled Inaniwa udon, which wonderfully absorbed the savoury notes of the tsuyu sauce.


Wrapping up the course with a dessert, you can’t go wrong with the Daifuku Mochi, available in three different flavours: strawberry, tiramisu, and matcha azuki. We were served the matcha azuki, with a creamy, aromatic matcha flavour paired with red bean azuki, which makes for an irresistible combination.

If the five-course omakase isn’t enough for you, and you’re feeling extra bougie, $60++ will get you a premium six-course omakase featuring many of their signature items such as the Applewood Smoked Uni Truffle Tart ($28.80++), Lobster Meat Taco ($10++) and more. This course also has two appetisers, two mains, and one dessert, with a complimentary sake shooter.


Besides the omakase courses, their a la carte dishes are equally enticing.


A crowd favourite is the Nori Taco series, a great snack to pair with alcohol or for sharing. It comes in two different flavours: Lobster Salad and Spicy Salmon, both priced at $10++.


Each serving consists of four pieces of fresh lobster topped with spring onions and ikura, arranged atop nori tempura crackers. It’s an exciting blend of flavours and textures━you get the lobster’s succulent texture, the briny pops from the ikura, and the savoury crispiness of the nori tempura crackers all at one go.


Perfect for the ‘gram, the Applewood Smoked Uni Truffle Tart ($28.80++) is served in a box which opens with a plume of white smoke, accompanied by a fruity and smoky aroma. Each box contains four indulgent servings of creamy, umami-laden uni atop a crumbly tart, delicately infused with a subtle sweetness from the applewood smoking. My only gripe was that the truffle notes could have been more pronounced.

I’d describe this dish as an acquired taste that might not appeal to everyone, although I do appreciate its unique flavour profile. If uni isn’t your thing, other options include the Applewood Smoked Spicy Salmon Truffle Tart ($28.80++) and Applewood Smoked Salmon Mentaiyaki Truffle Tart ($30.80++).


For the mains, we tried the Salmon Zuke Don ($12.80++), featuring marinated salmon and tempura egg, garnished with tempura flakes, shredded nori, spring onions, a dollop of wasabi, and white sesame seeds on a bed of premium Koshihikari rice. This set is completed with a bowl of miso soup, pickled daikon, and shoyu.

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The premium Koshihikari rice serves as an ideal base, pairing well with the rich flavour of the shoyu-marinated salmon.


The star of this dish was undoubtedly the tempura egg, a delightful addition that is served with every donburi on the menu.


The tempura egg boasts a crisp outer layer that gives way to a lusciously runny and creamy yolk when cut into. 


Don’t miss out on their selection of drinks━I’d visit again just to dapao them! The drinks closely resemble those from a BBT shop, if not better. We ordered the Mixiang Oatmeal Milk Tea ($6.50++), Oatmeal Purple Rice ($7.30++), and Taro Milk ($5.30++) with taro sourced from Taiwan.

Among these, my personal favourite was the Mixiang Oatmeal Milk Tea, which features a fragrant honey-sweet tea base with hearty and creamy notes from the oatmeal. Top up $0.80++ for an additional topping, with options including honey pearl, azuki, sakura konjac and more.


Those who prefer hot teas can consider choosing from their Floral Blossom Tea series instead. The selection ranges from the light Double Happiness Floral Tea ($5.50++) to the medium Osmanthus Floral Tea ($5.50++) and the heavy Gold Ingot Floral Tea ($5.50++). Then, you can watch as the tea leaves gracefully unfurl to reveal a flower!


Alternatively, complement your meal with some alcohol, perfect for unwinding after a long day. Tempura Bar offers an array of great value-for-money alcohol deals, featuring a selection of beer, highball, sake, and red and white wines. Enjoy 10 bottles of Carlsberg Smooth for just $55++ or Asahi Super Dry at $65++ for 10 bottles. Otherwise, there are also premium options from renowned brands such as Dassai and Lafite as well.

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Ambience at Tempura Bar


Tempura Bar offers a cosy and dimly-lit ambience adorned with warm red and brown accents, complemented by a laid-back soundtrack. The seating options here include a bar counter and modern table seats. You’re attended by staff dressed in yukata, which creates an atmosphere reminiscent of Japan even within the mall.

The verdict

If you’d like to explore the offerings at Tempura Bar, their omakase courses are a great starting point. However, I personally gravitate towards their a la carte menu, given the diverse range available. Plus, I’ll definitely be back for their BBT!

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Address: 10 Eunos Road 8, #01-114, SingPost Centre, Singapore 408700
Opening hours: Daily 11:30am to 10pm
Tel: 6747 0711
Tempura Bar Omakase is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Daryl Lim.
This was a media tasting at Tempura Bar.

Tempura Bar Review: $38++ Omakase And More In Paya Lebar
  • 8.5/10
    Tempura Bar Review: $38++ Omakase And More In Paya Lebar - 8.5/10


– Affordable mains mostly under $15++
– Value-for-money omakase

– Tempura offerings in omakase can be better

Recommended dishes: Aburi Tamago Mentaiyaki ($7.80), Lobster Salad Nori Taco ($10++), Mixiang Oatmeal Milk Tea ($6.50++)

Opening hours: Daily 11:30am to 10pm

Address: 10 Eunos Road 8, #01-114, SingPost Centre, Singapore 408700

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