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Popeyes Has A New Fried Chicken Topped With Curry And Noodles

22nd May 2019

Thai Pop Chicken at Popeyes

Popeyes Thai Pop Chicken
Image credit: Lai Yui Wai

One thing I love about Popeyes is that they’re always on a roll when it comes to creating new and quirky menu items. Case in point: the Spicy Coconut Chick N’ Wah!-ffle – a chocolate waffle burger that had no business being as good as it was.

Popeyes Has A New Chocolate And Kaya Waffle Burger With Spicy Coconut Chicken Patty

The latest item to join the ranks of their biscuit and crab mantou burgers is the Thai Pop Chicken.

Popeyes Thai Pop Chicken - Set
Image adapted from: Popeyes

The dish comprises their signature Cajun chicken coated in a thick curry sauce and topped with fried noodle bits. According to their Facebook page, this item is inspired by khao soi – a Thai street food that boasts a spicy coconut curry base and crunchy noodles.

Although we haven’t gotten the chance to try them yet, a few reviews have mentioned that it was “surprisingly good”, which makes sense given our affinity with Thai noodles.

You can sink your teeth into this crispy treat from $9.20 with the Thai Pop Chicken set meal. The deal consists of two pieces of Thai Pop chicken, one regular mashed potato and a regular cup of Honey & Calamansi iced tea from Nestea.

Popeyes Thai Pop Chicken - Feast
Image credit: Popeyes

For those who wanna gorge on these beauties with a friend in tow, the Friendly Feast ($19.20) might be right up your alley. The set contains everything in the previous one, with two additional pieces of chicken, a bowl of garlic rice, a set of regular Cajun fries and two packets of Atom ice-cream.

We also managed to suss out a few coupons that can net you great deals from just $5.50!

So if you’re hankering to munch on this crunch, head to your nearest Popeyes outlet from now till 24th June 2019! For those who are looking for legit chicken curry noodles, Cantonese Delights will strike your fancy with their thick slabs of fried chicken.

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