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This Everton Park Cafe Has Unique IG-Worthy Bagels, Including A Cute Tomato-Shaped One

29th April 2024

The Flour Department has cute bagels in Everton Park

Home to charming bakeries, legit coffee spots, and other hidden gem eats, it’s no surprise that we’re big fans of the Everton Park neighbourhood. The next time you’re thinking of visiting the foodie haven for weekend brunch, add The Flour Department to your list.


Formerly a home-based business, The Flour Department is run by a French-trained pastry chef, Julie Tay. They formerly operated out of a cafe along Upper Cross Street, but moved to the Everton Park area in March 2024. 

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Though the cafe is slowly transitioning to accommodate walk-ins, it’s worth noting that they still mainly take in orders through their Instagram. Customers can opt to self-pick up the items for free or pay $12 for island-wide delivery every Saturday. 


Step inside the cafe, and you’ll be greeted by an adorable pink space that’s aligned with the coquette aesthetic that’s currently all the rage.


The Flour Department is best known for their super inventive savoury and sweet bagel sandwiches. The latter includes a Japanese Curry Potato Cheesy Scrambled Eggs Katsu ($15) in a cute tomato-shaped bagel, as well as a Mentaiko Hashbrown Cheese Ham Scrambled Eggs Bagel ($17)


There’s been heaps of buzz online for their Japanese Curry Potato Cheesy Scrambled Eggs Katsu, thanks to how cute the bagel looks. Tay has chosen to make bagel buns coloured and shaped like a tomato, for visual oomph. 

If you prefer savoury food, this one is right up your alley. I appreciated how curry potato was not too overpowering, complementing the other ingredients well. The portion was also just right, but you might want to share this to save stomach space for the rest. 


For a sweet treat, one must-try item is the Matcha Cookie Bagel Sando with Pistachio Praline ($14). Jumping on the recent croissant cookie trend, Tay created her rendition using a bagel. 


Upon biting, you’ll get a strong nutty taste from the pistachio sauce and a rich, milky taste from the cheesecake. There’s also a subtle taste of matcha from the cookie. While this may look like a lot of different things, the flavours surprisingly go well together. Another bonus point was that it was not too sweet or cloying when we tried it, which I appreciate. 


If you’re a fan of black sesame, then this Black Sesame Tangyuan Strawberry Peanut Butter ($14) is perfect for you. 

Consisting of peanut butter and house-made black sesame sauce, there’s a sweet yet savoury flavour. The addition of black sesame tangyuan also makes this bagel more indulgent. Julie recommended we heat this before eating, as the tangyuan would be more melty and chewy. 


Aside from bagels, diners can also expect house-made concoctions such as a Strawberry Mochi Milk Latte ($8) and The Flour Fantasy ($7). The latter consists of butterfly blue pea flower and peach jelly. 

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The next time you’re around the area, be sure to visit them! The cafe has limited seating and can get quite busy on the weekends, so pre-book your bagels online to prevent disappointment! 

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Address: 5 Everton Park, #01-36, Singapore 080005
Opening hours: Wed-Sun 11:30am to 5pm
The Flour Department is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Maisie Chong.
This was a media tasting at The Flour Department

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