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The First Cafe By Mr Coconut Opens In Punggol With Chendol Cheesecake And More

10th November 2023

Three Little Coconut is Singapore’s first coconut cafe in One Punggol

three little coconut flatlay

Mr Coconut fans, we bet you’d willingly travel to Punggol just to check out their first-ever coconut cafe! The all-new Mr Coconut cafe, Three Little Coconut, is opening at One Punggol on 11 November 2023.

The cafe boasts a minimalist theme with wooden furniture and pops of greenery for that tropical #coconutgirl vibe. It’s also decked out in trendy neon lights and Mr Coconut plushies, which you can use as props to jazz up your IG-worthy food shots!

The cafe is equipped with charging ports too, so you can refuel both your phone and your appetite.

three little coconut singapore

With 50 outlets islandwide, the name Mr Coconut is no stranger to most of us, not least for their coconut shakes and other coconut-based beverages. The new opening doesn’t depart from this: the cafe will showcase both traditional and modern desserts, recreated with a coconut twist. FYI, one of Mr Coconut’s founders hails from Malacca, which might explain the inspiration behind many of the desserts here—for example, some of them feature the rich flavours of gula melaka.

Look forward to coconut cheesecakes, Chinese tong shui, as well as snowy ice, croffles, jellies, puddings, and ice cream at the cafe, which will seat 30 diners.

cendol burnt cheesecake

One of the menu highlights is Cendol Burnt Cheesecake ($8.40+), their take on the iced dessert. This chendol-flavoured cheesecake features wiggly pandan jellies within the cake, topped with red beans and coconut sauce.

While the Chendol Burnt Cheesecake leans on the sweet side, it really does taste like the real chendol dessert. We enjoyed its crumbly Gula Melaka biscuit base too, which added a layer of crunch to the creamy dessert.

Then, there’s Mango Sticky Rice Cheesecake ($8.40+), which sees a coconut milk-infused, glutinous rice base, Original Coconut Cheesecake ($7.90+), and Ondeh Ondeh Burnt Cheesecake ($7.90+).

The Original Coconut Cheesecake boasted an uber-dense texture—exactly how cheesecake should be. However, the coconut flavours took a backseat here, allowing the richness of the cheesecake to shine.

three little coconut desserts

Go old-school with Peach Gum Coconut Tang Shui ($9.40+) for coconut soup studded with nutritious peach gum, or Barley Longan Coconut ($9.20+) for more bite in each mouthful. The former is a great pick for those who love refreshing Chinese soup desserts, and comes with a generous amount of sweet goji berries and red dates.

three little coconut snow fungus

Don’t miss out on the Snow Fungus Coconut ($9+), which is the kind of dessert your Asian parents would describe as “not too sweet.” This had a distinct herbal taste that was surprisingly refreshing, while the coconut flavours were on the milder side.

For something more indulgent, Coconut Avocado Tang Shui ($7.60+) and Coconut Mao Shan Wang Tang Shui ($8.80+) are prepared with a base of coconut milk instead; the latter is reminiscent of Mr Coconut’s MSW coconut shake, which they launched for a limited time earlier this year.

Coconut Bobochacha Snowy Ice

Also on the menu is the Coconut Bobochacha Snowy Ice ($7.80+), featuring a jiggly coffee-flavoured jelly, coconut milk, sweet potato starch, and sweet potato sauce piled atop shaved ice. It’s a substantial serving, great for sharing between two people. Like most items at Three Little Coconut, this dessert is more suitable for those with a sweet tooth, though the jelly does do a decent job of balancing out the sweet flavours.

If you’re up for something fruity, try the Coconut Soursop Tang Sui ($7.50+), crafted with coconut milk and soursop juice, then topped with Earl Grey jelly and green rice flour jelly.

three little coconut croffle

The croffles (from $7.60+) here come drizzled with your choice of chocolate or gula melaka, and you can add on a scoop of coconut ice cream for $1.30+ more! The croffles here are delightfully crispy on the outside, yet irresistibly soft and slightly chewy on the inside.

Other options at the cafe include Coconut Jelly ($5+) and Coconut Pudding ($4.80+), which you can have with toppings such as MSW durian flesh, taro balls and more. On the drinks end of things, you’ll find all of Mr Coconut’s thirst quenchers here too, including their Signature Coconut Shake (from $4.70+).

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Address: 1 Punggol Drive, #01-03, One Punggol, Singapore 828629
Opening hours: Daily 11am to 10pm
Three Little Coconut Singapore is not a halal-certified eatery

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Photos taken by Raelynn Ng and edited by Chew Yi En.
This was a media tasting at Three Little Coconut Singapore.

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