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This Rojak Stall At Old Airport Road Is More Than 40 Years Old

30th January 2023

Famous Toa Payoh Rojak at Old Airport Road Food Centre

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If you’ve been to Old Airport Road Food Centre, you’ll know that there are some stalls that draw perennially long queues. One of these is Toa Payoh Rojak, which despite its name is no longer located in Toa Payoh.

toa payoh rojak - storefrontImage credit: @benji_leewj

Originally founded by Mr Cheng Kong Sang in 1970, the stall was indeed in the heartland neighbourhood before they moved to Old Airport Road almost 20 years ago. It’s said that Mr Cheng was one of, if not the first, to start grilling his you tiao and tau pok before tossing them in with the rojak mix.

While Mr Cheng used to crisp up the you tiao and tau pok over charcoal fire, these days his daughter and son-in-law, who man the stall, use oven toasters instead.

toa payoh rojak - with cuttlefishImage credit: @chubbycheeksss

The menu at Toa Payoh Rojak is simple: choose from three sizes, priced at $3, $4, and $5. The $3 portion is not available for takeaway orders.

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Add-ons include Cuttlefish ($2), Century Egg ($1), and Dough Fritter ($1), or you tiao. If you’d like extra rojak sauce, this is priced at $2.50.

toa payoh rojak - introImage credit: @benji_leewj

Their rojak sauce is said to be made with a base of prawn paste from Penang: super sticky and gao, and mixed in with fresh lime juice, sugar, and slices of young ginger flower. Other than the you tiao and tau pok, you’ll find the usual suspects of turnip, cucumber, pineapple, tau gey, and kang kong. To finish, your plate of rojak is topped generously with coarse-ground roasted peanuts for extra fragrance.

In case you haven’t been to Toa Payoh Rojak, it’s hard to miss the digital number board on their storefront—that’s how popular they are. Since each order is individually made, takes approximately two minutes to prepare, be prepared to wait if you aren’t already there before the stall opens.

Rojak fans, check out our guide to the best rojak in Singapore. You could also check out Brothers Rojak in Clementi, where the rojak is prepared with dried cuttlefish and fresh ginger flowers!

Address: 51 Old Airport Road, #01-108, Old Airport Road Food Centre, Singapore 390051
Opening hours: Sat-Fri 12pm to 8pm
Tel: 6958 9380
Toa Payoh Rojak is not a halal-certified eatery

Brothers Rojak: Long-Queue Stall Sells Rojak With Dried Cuttlefish And Fresh Ginger Flowers

Feature image adapted from @shootandspoon and @benji_leewj

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