Wei Nan Wang Hock Kian Lor Mee: Hokkien-Style Lor Mee For $3 At Telok Ayer
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Wei Nan Wang Hock Kian Lor Mee: Hokkien-Style Lor Mee At Telok Ayer With 46 Years Of History

12th November 2021

Wei Nan Wang Hock Kian Lor Mee at Telok Ayer 

The hawker culture is an essential aspect of Singapore’s identity. So it is always exciting to see new, innovative hawker stalls such as Ah Lemak, Xiao Ji Ji and many more that seek to preserve this heritage. Amidst the hype of these newbies, we mustn’t forget that there are stalls that have been in operation for decades! One of these old gems is Wei Nan Wang Hock Kian Lor Mee at Telok Ayer. 

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Wei Nan Wang Hock Kian Lor Mee first opened at Boat Quay Food Centre 46 years ago, and has since moved several times, before settling at Market Street Interim Hawker Centre.

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If you didn’t know, Market Street Interim Hawker Centre is a temporary replacement for the Golden Shoe Food Centre, which has been closed for redevelopment since 2017. The renovation was expected to take four years, although the pandemic has probably thrown a spanner in the works. So, it’s likely that Wei Nan Wang Hock Kian Lor Mee will be on the move again, so keep an eye on their Facebook page for more updates. 

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Wei Nan Wang Hock Kian Lor Mee has been in operation since 1975, and is run by an 82-year-old couple. Despite their old age, they still prepare their ingredients every morning from 6am, without fail. 


Wei Nan Wang Hock Kian’s lor mee is served in two sizes—small, priced at $3, and large, at $4—with the option of bee hoon, round yellow noodles, and flat yellow noodles. Do remember to specify your preferred noodles, otherwise, the flat yellow noodles will be served by default. 

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Each bowl is filled with ingredients including fish meat, fried wonton skin, ngoh hiang, braised meat, and more. As finishing touches, the dish is topped with a spoonful of minced garlic, sliced chilli, and their homemade sambal chilli. 

lor mee bee hoon
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What’s different about Wei Nan Wang’s lor mee lies in the gravy. It is supposedly runnier and soup-like, rather than the thick, starchy one that we are accustomed to. It is also said to be skewed towards the sour end, which makes it an appetising meal. Overall, Wei Nan Wang’s lor mee has been praised for its tasty, generous portions, and nostalgic flavours.

Do expect a queue during the lunch hour as the Market Street Interim Hawker Centre is a hot spot for office workers. So if you’re looking for more options within the area, check out our Market Street Interim Hawker Centre food guide. Otherwise, for a fancier lunch, try these cafes around Telok Ayer

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Address: 5 Cross Street, #01-46, Market Street Interim Hawker Centre, Singapore 048424
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 10am to 2:30pm

Featured image adapted from @yippi312_eatdrinklove’s post.

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