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Whiskdom Has New Kopi Brownie And Pandan Kaya Log Cake, Made In Collab With The Hainan Story

14th November 2023

Whisdom x The Hainan Story has new Christmas box set


While Whiskdom and The Hainan Story may not seem to have much in common, their founders are in fact Hainanese. This shared heritage has inspired a new collaboration between the two brands, a box set titled A Taste of Hainanese Happiness.

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This box set will be available from 15 November 2023 to 31 December 2023, making it an ideal gift for the Christmas season! You can find it at all Whiskdom and The Hainan Story outlets, as well as on their websites should you choose to order online. Plus there is an early bird discount of 15% off from now till 30 November 2023, so do make your purchase soon if you want to save on your order!


For $68, you get a charming box filled with three brownies and a Swiss roll log cake.


The first of the brownies is the Hainanese Coffee Dream, which sees Whiskdom’s rich, chocolatey brownies elevated by Hainanese kopi cream.


The aroma and robust flavour of the kopi cream make this a pretty unique brownie to have. Just cut the brownie open to reveal its molten core, and watch as the kopi cream infuses with it.


To ramp up the Christmas vibes, there’s the adorable Midnight Goma Snowman Brownie Delight, which is made to look like—you guessed it—a snowman.


A stab at it sees the snowman dissolve into a velvety black sesame paste, all in a fudgy brownie.


Finally, there’s the Hainanese Inspired Yibua Blissful Brownie. Just like the title, this treat is quite the mouthful—it is a dense combination of decadent brownie, chewy glutinous rice flour mochi, and fragrant gula melaka flakes.


As for the log cake, the Infusing The Hanan Story’s Swiss Roll with Delightful Morsels of Whiskdom’s Decadent Brownie—yes, that is its name—is based on The Hainan Story’s famous Swiss roll. Flavoured with pandan juice extract and mixed with Whiskdom’s brownie bits, this dessert will be a great addition to any Christmas party.

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Website | Full list of outlets
Whiskdom is not a halal-certified eatery but uses no pork or lard.

The Hainan Story
Website | Full list of outlets
The Hainan Story is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Kaedyne Chew.
This was a media tasting at Whiskdom.

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