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This Beauty World Stall Sells Legit Penang Chendol From $2

19th December 2022

Ye Tang Chendol at Beauty World has Penang chendol

If you were unfortunately caught in the recent Causeway jams and are thinking twice about heading into Malaysia for your favourite eats, don’t fret yet, because there are pretty legit options right here too. Joining the ranks of these Malaysian food places in Singapore is Ye Tang Chendol, a hawker stall in the fourth-floor food court at Beauty World Centre that serves Penang chendol!

ye tang chendol - chendol top down
Image credit: @_tingsilike_

Started by a Penangite who couldn’t find any chendol in Singapore that tasted like the ones at home, Ye Tang Chendol takes pride in using tip-top ingredients in their bowls of dessert. If you’re unfamiliar with this shaved ice treat, it’s commonly found in Southeast Asia, and typically comes with green rice flour jelly, coconut milk, and palm sugar syrup. In Singaporean and Malaysian iterations of the dessert, it’s no surprise to find red beans, corn, atap seeds and more.

ye tang chendol corn chendolImage credit: @tastseofmoment

At Ye Tang Chendol, only freshly squeezed, premium-grade coconut milk is used—it’s said to have a subtle perfume, without being too overwhelming. This, as well as their pure gula melaka that’s specially brought in from Malacca, features in all the bowls of chendol you’ll find here. These include the Classic Bowl ($2), Creamy Corn Chendol ($2.50), Red Bean Chendol ($2.50), and Durian Chendol ($3.80).

Another star element of each bowl is their house-made green chendol, which is flavoured and coloured with pandan leaves, rather than extract or flavourings. This is prepared and cooked fresh each day!

ye tang chendol - durian chendol
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The most basic option is the Classic Bowl, which comes with attap seed, AKA atapchi, and green chendol. This is the bowl to go for if you’d like to customise your dessert with add-ons such as red bean and creamy corn. The add-ons, and extra servings of atapchi, gula melaka, and green chendol, are priced at $0.60 each. It’s an additional $1.90 if you’d like a scoop of D24 durian.

Unlike your usual azuki beans, the red beans you’ll find at Ye Tang Chendol are red kidney beans, slow-cooked in-house for hours till they’re said to be truly creamy and soft, but not mushy.

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ye tang chendol - indulgence chendol
Image credit: @tasteofmoment

For more indulgent bowls of chendol, consider their Four Season Chendol ($3.70), which has atapchi, kidney beans, green chendol, and cream corn. Alternatively, the King’s Delight Chendol ($5) is a luxe bowl starring D24 durian, atapchi, and kidney beans, while Indulgence Chendol ($5.60) is the all-in version, which includes creamy corn as well.

Also located in the same food court is Syiok, a stall with orh nee egg tarts and other old-school bakes for sale. For more dining options in the area, check out our Beauty World dining guide.

Address: 144 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #04-26, Beauty World Centre, Singapore 588177
Opening hours: Wed-Sun 11am to 8pm
Tel: 9099 2289
Ye Tang Chendol is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Feature image adapted from @_tingsilike_ and @tasteofmoment

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