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Zhen Jie Seafood Review: Crayfish Seafood Noodles At Bedok

18th September 2019

Zhen Jie Seafood at Bedok

Zhen Jie Seafood - Flatlay

If you’re a foodie, the East is definitely your playground for all things delicious. And it’s a huge plus point that you won’t burn a hole in your wallet while dining in this area.

Situated next to the popular Fengshan Food Centre (Bedok 85) is Zhen Jie Seafood. This coffee shop stall serves up huge bowls of prawn noodles.

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Food at Zhen Jie Seafood

Zhen Jie Seafood - Crayfish seafood noodles

With a limited menu, this prawn noodles stall makes ordering simple. You can customise your order by choosing from a variety of noodles ranging from kway teow to yellow noodles. All soup dishes are served with a classic prawn broth.

What caught my eye was their Crayfish Seafood Noodles Soup ($10)This massive dish was a sight to behold, with two whole crayfish and multiple clams bobbing on the surface of the piping hot soup. A fragrant aroma wafted from the broth, inviting me to quickly tuck into the dish. 

Zhen Jie Seafood - Soup

There was a mix of sweet and savoury notes as I took a spoonful of the warm soup. The broth was flavourful and umami-rich, making me go back for more.

Zhen Jie Seafood - Crayfish

Moving on to the main star of this dish. The crayfish meat easily peeled away from its shell after a few gentle tugs. The meat was not as sweet as I hoped, but it did bring out the umami flavours present in the soup. I was disappointed by the inconsistent quality of the crayfish. Some pieces had a powdery texture while others were chewy. 

This sadly was the same case for the clams. There was still sand in some of them, resulting in an unpleasant grainy texture. Despite this, there were plenty of clams to go around.

Zhen Jie Seafood - Dry pork rib noodles

Besides seafood, Zhen Jie Seafood offers meat options with their Dry Pork Ribs with Prawn Noodles ($5) that comes with a bowl of soup. 

I was expecting a few pieces of pork ribs, but it seems that reality doesn’t match up to expectations. Only two small pork ribs were served along with two whole prawns.

Zhen Jie Seafood - Pork rib

I easily bit the tender pork ribs off its bone, but the meat was rather bland and lacked any hint of seasoning.

Zhen Jie Seafood - Prawn

The prawns were crunchy, but not as sweet as I would have expected it to be. However, their house-made prawn paste chilli helped to provide flavour with its savoury notes. Sadly, this dish was a miss for me.

Zhen Jie Seafood - Prawn noodles

Old is gold with Zhen Jie Seafood’s classic bowl of Prawn Noodles ($3.50). Besides the usual slices of prawn were also fish cake and pork slices.

As all soup dishes are made using the same prawn broth, the umami flavours in this prawn noodles are akin to that of the crayfish seafood noodles. 

Ambience at Zhen Jie Seafood

Zhen Jie Seafood - Ambience

Located in the heartlands of Bedok, this neighbourhood coffee shop is popular with residents. You won’t have to fight over a table as there are plenty of seats to go around. With fans dotting the ceiling, this open-air coffee shop keeps it breezy as you slurp a hot bowl of noodles.

The verdict

Zhen Jie Seafood - Verdict

Zhen Jie Seafood is your regular coffee shop stall serving affordable hawker fare. Despite their flavoursome prawn broth, their seafood was not very fresh-tasting, bringing down the umami experience. 

After getting to Bedok MRT Station, you still need to take a short bus ride down to get to the stall.  As a Westie, Zhen Jie Seafood was not worth the trip to the East for mediocre prawn noodles.

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Address: 87 Bedok North Street 4, #01-191, Singapore 460087
Opening hours: Wed-Mon 7am to 8pm
Tel: 9834 4880
Zhen Jie Seafood is not a halal-certified eatery.

Photos taken by Faith Toh.
This is an independent review by Eatbook.sg.

  • 6/10
    - 6/10


Flavourful prawn broth
Generous portions of seafood

Inconvenient location
Seafood was not fresh
Small portions of pork ribs

Recommended dishes: Prawn Noodles ($3.50)

Opening hours: Wed-Mon 7am to 8pm

Address: 87 Bedok North Street 4, #01-191, Singapore 460087

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