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Pay As You Wish At Carousel’s Lunch Buffet On 18 Feb

Dig into Carousel’s lunch buffet by paying any amount Source  Japanese mukbang eater and YouTuber, Kinoshita Yuka, may be able to expand her stomach to 66 times its size, but you don’t need that ability to make the most out of Carousel’s “pay-as-you-wish buffet…

8th February 2017
Food News

Nasi Lemak Ice-Cream Sundae Is Now A Thing

Nasi lemak ice-cream brings all the foodies to Skream’s yard Source Dipping fries in my ice-cream is as far as I’ve gone to when it comes to sweet-savoury food experiments, and for the record, it tastes great. If you’re already giving me weird looks,…

1st February 2017