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There’s A Pop-Up Korean Street Food Market In Orchard, With Viral Coin Bread, Bulgolgi Fries And More

24th April 2024

Market Blue opens KK Market with Korean street food for a limited time


True-blue fans of Korean fare would know of Market Blue, a Korean kopitiam selling “home-cooked” food in Orchard. In recent months, they have been hustling to introduce a diverse range of Korean eats to Singapore, including FUTORU—a kimbap stall with over 10 different flavours—and Bakery 1946, a famous Korean bakery with more than 50 types of bread. This time, they are back with an even bigger event: KK Market, a pop-up concept offering Korean street food and more till 28 April 2024.

Market Blue: Korean Kopitiam With “Home-Cooked” Food Including Pork Stew And Bulgogi Gimbap


When we’re talking Korean street food, the K-Corn Dog ($5.50), Cup Tteokbokki ($4.50), Dak Gang Jeong ($13.90) are the three must-haves.


Their tteokbokki is served in a bowl, which makes it hassle-free to eat while you explore the market. It’s mildly spicy with subtle notes of curry, and comes with a generous amount of fish cakes and a fried seaweed roll.


If you love Korean fried chicken as much as I do, their Dak Gang Jeong makes for a great snack to have on the go. This one comes in two different flavours: Soy and Sweet and Spicy. You get a winning combination of juicy chicken meat and crispy skin, coated in the glaze of your choice.


And of course, the famous K-Corn Dog needs no introduction. You get a deep-fried hot dog coated in a golden brown batter, and then finished with sugar with a good squeeze of ketchup and mustard.


If you’re heading down with a friend, I recommend getting their Bulgogi Fries ($14.90) and Chicken Skewer ($6.50 per piece) to share. 


The fries are a hearty snack, featuring a warm bed of fries topped with salsa, jalapeno, and a drizzle of what tasted like nacho cheese.


Even better, their Chicken Skewer gives you the option to choose between Soy and Sweet and Spicy. My colleague and I preferred the non-spicy version as the charred flavour paired well with the slightly sweet marinade.


There’s always room for desserts, and we were excited to try the K-Cup Dessert ($8.90) in four trendy flavours: Matcha, Injeolmi, Tiramisu, and Strawberry. FYI, this parfait dessert in a cup was created by a famous Korean patissier.


Each cup is layered with a soft sponge cake and velvety smooth cream, and the toppings vary depending on the flavours you get. The Matcha one has sweet red beans, while the Strawberry flavour comes topped with a fresh strawberry from Korea.


Alternatively, get the popular Hotteok ($3.50), TikTok-viral Coin Bread ($5.50), or their latest addition Cu-Boong ($5.90). In case you didn’t know, hotteok is a famous winter snack in Korea, and it’s essentially a deep-fried dough pancake filled with lots of nuts and a sugar syrup. 


We also tried the TikTok-viral Coin Bread in two flavours: Nutella and Mozzarella. For the perfect cheese pull, we encourage you to get the Mozzarella one. Else, the Nutella flavour is great if you’re a fan of the popular chocolate hazelnut spread.

Get The Viral Korean Coin Bread At B For Bagel’s Parkway Parade Kiosk


I’ve seen croissants in many different forms, but none hits like their Cu-Boong, AKA a croffle pressed into a fish-shaped mould. There’s no filling within, but the sugar and cinnamon sprinkles on the outside made this snack extra moreish.


Finally, beat the heat with their Cup-Fruit Punch ($5.50) and Spring Matcha Latte ($6.50). The fruit punch is a great quencher packed with all kinds of fruits—grape, banana, and watermelon. Strawberry matcha is all the craze lately, and so we had to give the Spring Matcha Latte a shot as well. This pretty drink is a bittersweet matcha latte topped with a really light strawberry foam.


The KK Market will be held from now till 28 April 2024, and doors open from 11am to 8pm. The pop-up is located in the basement of Tanglin Mall, which is a quick one-minute walk from Orchard Boulevard MRT Station.


Besides Korean street food, there’s plenty to experience thanks to the lovely variety of K-fashion and beauty products. We hope to see you there!

Fans of Korean fare must check out Charim Korean BBQ, a CBD restaurant run by a Korean mother-daughter duo. Alternatively, read our guide to the best Korean bakeries in Singapore.

Address: 163 Tanglin Road, #B1-122, Tanglin Mall, Singapore 247933
Opening hours: 24 to 28 April 2024, 11am to 8pm
Market Blue is not a halal-certified eatery.

This Korean-Run Restaurant Has Tteokbokki Loaded With Beef And Prawns In The CBD

Photos taken by Melvin Mak.
This was a media tasting at Market Blue.

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