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Black Hojicha Cornetto Will Be Available At RedMart From 31 Jan 2020

29th January 2020

Black Hojicha Cornetto at RedMart

Guy holding hojicha cornetto
Image credit: @kulineran_koko

After taking countries such as Thailand and Indonesia by storm, the gorgeous Black Hojicha Cornetto has finally entered our shores for a limited time. From 31 January onwards, RedMart will be selling this IG-worthy concoction—so you might wanna start camping at their site.

IG-worthy ice cream
Image credit: @julysky31

As its name suggests, the snowflake-shaped ice cream boasts a hojicha base capping a black charcoal cone. Meticulously arranged on its centre are decadent chocolate balls, resulting in a beautiful melange of grey and black tones. 

Chocolate core
Image credit: ทำมาหา”แดก”

Although we’ve yet to sink our teeth into this aesthetic treat, lucky buyers from neighbouring countries have mentioned that the chocolate flavour is bold while the hojicha itself is pretty light. As you bite into the ice cream, a river of molten chocolate oozes out—resulting in a combo that will appeal to hardcore cocoa lovers.

You can get your hands on this dessert at just $2.40 for a single cone, and from 8 February 2020, you are able to get a multipack of three at $6.70! Naturally, it will be wise to opt for the latter option, given the short period of availability of the Black Hojicha Cornetto.

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Feature image adapted from: @julysky31, @kulineran_koko

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