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Bumbu Has Affordable And Unique Thai, Indo, And Peranakan Fusion In Bugis

6th December 2023

Bumbu is a fusion Peranakan restaurant in Bugis

Singapore has a fair handful of Peranakan or Peranakan-influenced eateries, from hawker stalls such as Charlie’s Peranakan Food to Michelin Bib Gourmand eateries, including True Blue Cuisine. If you’re looking for restaurant-level Peranakan dining experiences, however, it doesn’t come cheap, with all your classic Nyonya dishes averaging $20. Bumbu, however, is one of the few exceptions. 

bumbu restaurant exterior
Image credit: @juicybubblegum66

This Bugis restaurant is housed in a heritage Peranakan shophouse, so you know the vibes are on point.

bumbu restaurant interior
Image credit: @juicybubblegum66

Inside, the 120-seater restaurant is decorated with antiques, striving to immerse guests in Baba culture while they dine.

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Onto the menu: while Peranakan dishes and flavours underscore the menu, the restaurant is also distinctly fusion, melding Nyonya fare with Thai and Indonesian influences.

bumbu singapore foodImage credit: @eat4everyday

Most of the dishes are under $20, with steamed fish and seafood breaking the bracket. Many of their items also serve three to four, so come hungry and with friends!

bumbu ayam buah keluak
Image credit: @snowdrop_golferwanabe

A popular dish on the menu is their Signature Buah Keluak ($15.50++). Each portion comes with two buah keluak nuts, and tender pieces of chicken slow cooked in the dark nut sauce. 

Pair that with their Thai-style Green Curry ($14.90++) or Homemade Tofu Meatballs ($12.90++), the latter served in a clear chicken soup.

bumbu singapore dishes
Image credit: @nibsandgobs

On meats, the Signature Coffee Flavour Chicken Thigh ($14.90++) is a bestseller, where chicken thighs are marinated in coffee, and then stir-fried to sticky sweet ends.

bumbu steamed fish
Image credit: @cjr318

If you enjoy seafood, there’s a lot to choose from here, including a range of whole seabass fish, cooked in different styles and with different seasonings. Priced at $32.50++, you get to pick between your seabass fried with garlic, steamed in a spicy lime sauce, and plenty more. 

For veggies, the Signature Nonya Chapchye is a must. Priced at $11.50++, the cabbage stew is slow-cooked over low heat, with bits of vermicelli and other veggies in the mix. 

They’re also halal and can cater to vegetarians, as well as those with other dietary needs. The next time you’re looking for an affordable dinner spot, swing by Bumbu.

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Address: 44 Kandahar Street, Singapore 198897
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 11am to 3pm, 6pm to 10pm
Tel: 6392 8628
Bumbu is a halal-certified eatery.

Featured image adapted from @cjr318, @nibsandgobs, and @juicybubblegum66

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