Cafe Coco Has A Lavender-Infused Brunch Menu With Purple Ricotta Hotcakes In Gardens By The Bay
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Cafe Coco Has A Lavender-Infused Brunch Menu With Purple Ricotta Hotcakes In Gardens By The Bay

23rd October 2020

Cafe Coco at Gardens By The Bay

Cafe Coco - lavender brunch sets

From rainbow fries to blue dessert bagels, colourful food has always captured my attention. Lucky for me, I had the chance to try new weekend brunch sets from Cafe Coco, which features some lavender-infused mains and drinks in a beautiful purple hue. Colours aside, the thought of floral-infused food was exciting enough.

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Located in Gardens By The Bay, Cafe Coco is a short walk from the Flower Dome. The cafe itself offers al fresco dining with a view of luscious greenery.

Cafe Coco’s French Lavender Weekend Brunch Sets go at $48 per person and are available from Thursday to Sunday. The set includes a substantial main, beverage, dessert, and a box of three bottled cold brews. The price of the set may appear slightly steep. However, considering each bottle of cold brew starts from $8 when purchased on its own, it’s pretty worth it.

Cafe Coco - COCObox of 3

Fun fact: According to the friendly staff, their sale of cold brews had gotten them through their gruelling closure during the Circuit Breaker. Our COCObox of 3 ($24 for three bottles) included the milky French Lavender Latte, the aromatic Earl Grey Lavender Tea Latte—my personal favourite—, and the Creamy White Latte.

Cafe Coco - lavender ricotta hotcakes

Their Lavender Brunch Sets allow you to pick a main from four different options. If you seek purple food, the French Lavender Ricotta Hotcake ($19.90) is exclusively available as part of their lavender seasonal menu. The visual aspect was magical, even more so when I doused the hotcake in the light purple cream cheese.

Cafe Coco - purple crystals

Our dish even came decorated with flowers and specks of glittering lavender-hued sugar, adding on to the magic. Impressively, this warm treat tasted as beautiful as it looked, the pillowy soft hotcake pairing well with the aromatic lavender cream cheese.

Cafe Coco - tiramisu

Finish your Lavender Brunch Set with the Cake of the Day ($9). We got ourselves the rich and silky smooth Fresh-made Tiramisu ($10), complete with bittersweet espresso and cocoa notes.

Cafe Coco - lavender lemonade

If you’re all for more floral action, down the refreshing Iced French Lavender Lemonade ($8) which came in a beautiful shade of violet.

Cafe Coco - big breakfast with molten lava eggs

While the lavender ricotta hotcakes are seasonal, the other main course options for the Lavender Brunch Sets are already part of Cafe Coco’s regular menu.

Cafe Coco - lava eggs

This includes the Big Breakfast with Molten Lava Eggs ($17.90) which I dug into instantly. This filling platter stars thick, fluffy toast served with two creamy lava eggs and a juicy chicken bratwurst sausage. We especially loved the sides of really crispy mini hash browns and smoky mushrooms.

Cafe Coco - fresh berries brown butter waffles

If you have a sweet tooth, the Fresh Berries Brown Butter Waffles ($15.90) is a popular pick at Cafe Coco too. This treat features waffles that are caramelised on the outside with a fluffy interior, complemented with a party of tangy berries and syrupy raspberry compote.

Cafe Coco - avocado toast

Nothing screams brunch better than toast. If avocados aren’t just a fad to you, order the Avocado Toast ($15.90).

Cafe Coco - poached egg avocadotoast

Thick slices of buttery avocado along with a beautifully poached egg sat atop chewy sourdough toast. A drizzle of passionfruit dressing also gave an extra tangy punch. Basically, Cafe Coco did this brunch favourite justice.

Cafe Coco - rosemary chicken toast

If neither of the four mains above interest you, the Rosemary Chicken Toast ($13.90) is also one of their popular dishes. It’s worth noting, however, that this sandwich is only available on their regular menu, and is not part of the Lavender Brunch Set’s choices. Expect generous and tender chicken chunks drizzled with silky honey mustard alongside some greens.

Cafe Coco - eating shot

Cafe Coco is home to some satisfying and hearty brunches, be it on their seasonal or regular menu. If you’re keen on trying their Lavender Brunch Sets, do note that a reservation on their website would be required in advance. Their November reservations have just opened so make sure to hurry and grab your slots on their website.

For more cafes, do check out Wan Wan Thai Cafe which offers desserts such as bingsu. Otherwise, Daizu Cafe is a new Japanese cafe that offers brunch items as well.

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Address: 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Supertree Food Hall @ Gardens By The Bay, Singapore 018953
Opening hours: Daily 11am to 9pm
Cafe Coco is not a halal-certified eatery.

Photos taken by Muhammad Hafiq.
This was a media tasting at Cafe Coco. 

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