Donq Bakery's Uji Matcha Lava Bun With Chocolate And Cookie Crumble Is Going Viral
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Donq Bakery’s Uji Matcha Lava Bun With Chocolate And Cookie Crumble Is Going Viral

30th September 2020

Just when you thought the matcha hype train had slowed, a new viral matcha gem speeds into the scene. Introducing Donq Bakery’s Uji Matcha Lava Bun ($3), which has recently gone viral and attained mythical status, given how hard it is to get your hands on one.

donq bakeryImage credit: @smolnibbles

Donq, located at the basement of the Takashimaya food hall, hails from Japan. It is not a new bakery, but the near rabid attention this bun is receiving definitely is.

uji matcha bun donqImage credit: @thebaovatar

Here’s why ─ first of all, the bun’s vibrant hue signals the use of good quality Uji matcha, a top-grade version of the green tea powder. The earthy, mellow green tea suffuses the fluffy brioche bun, which looks, and is sized like, a small pillow.

uji matcha bunImage credit: @taroxtaco

The real money shot lies within, in the form of matcha cream and dark chocolate lava. Described as “gao gao” by some foodies on Instagram, the bittersweet combination of green tea and chocolate will appease any keen matcha fan.

To really enjoy a pool of chocolate and matcha sauce once the bun is broken into, you have to warm it up lightly, be it in the oven or an air fryer.

donq matcha bunImage credit: @d.roadtriptolife

While earlier versions of the bun had to be warmed in order to get that classic lava ooze, once this latest bun is broken into, the bakery seems to have tweaked their recipe so that you get a generous pool of chocolate matcha sauce at first bite.

However, the bun is still best enjoyed when lightly heated. Fair warning, though, it can be messy to eat.

Topping the bun off for a textural surprise are matcha cookie crumbles, giving crunch to the otherwise airy brioche.

matcha bun donqImage credit: @thehungrygluttons

Many social media users have described this as the best matcha bread in Singapore, and completely worth the hype. Though the Donq Uji Matcha Bun has been available at the bakery since earlier in the year, it has since taken off thanks to the power of Instagram.

It can be very hard to get your hands on a bun, so here is a pro-tip: new batches are released around noon and between 2 to 3pm every day, for now. They sell out very quickly, so be sure to head down earlier to nab yourself one or two.

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Address: 391 Orchard Rd, B2-03, Ngee Ann City, Singapore 238873
Opening hours: Daily 10am to 9:30pm
Donq Bakery is not a halal-certified eatery.

Featured image adapted from @smolnibbles, @d.roadtriptolife and @joandjuseats.

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