Garden Pastry And Cake: 40-Year-Old Bakery Has Gao Orh Nee And Sweet Potato Swiss Rolls In Aljunied
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This 40-Year-Old Bakery Sells Gao Orh Nee And Sweet Potato Swiss Rolls In Aljunied

13th May 2022

Garden Pastry & Cake in Aljunied

Fans of old-school bakeries and their nostalgic, affordable confectioneries should put Garden Pastry & Cake on their radar. This heritage Aljunied gem goes above and beyond the usual, expected array of cream cakes and buns one finds in a traditional bakery, with their specialty Swiss rolls starring thick, locally inspired fillings.

Garden Pastry Cake
Image credit: @thefluffypao

Their most popular item is their Orh Nee Swiss Roll Cake, priced at $3.80. The sponge-to-filling ratio is off the charts here, with a generous amount of house-made orh nee paste stealing the spotlight.

orh nee swiss roll
Image credit: @thefluffypao

Fans love how the filling is made with 100% real yam, and not artificial flavouring mixed with cream. The paste is also not too sweet.

garden pastry and cake sweet potato swiss roll
Image credit: @breadydelight

Another beloved cake option is their Purple Sweet Potato Roll ($3.80). Pure purple sweet potatoes are mashed into a paste with some sugar, then rolled into a fluffy sheet of sponge.

garden pastry cake aljunied sweet potato bun
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Garden Pastry & Cake also sells flavoured buns. The Sweet Potato Bun ($1.60) is chock full of dense orange sweet potato filling, encased in a fluffy sponge. They also have a Green Tea Bun ($1.40), filled with a lotus paste and green tea mixture akin to the kind you find in green tea mooncakes.

pandan waffles
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If you’re there, get your hands on their waffles too. These pandan waffles are thicker and more cake-like, but you can opt to have your waffles made crispier if that is what you prefer.

Image credit: @wewfoodie

They don’t skimp on fillings either. Peanut ($2) is a popular choice, but they also have Kaya ($1.90), Cream Cheese ($2.40), and Salted Caramel ($2.60).

garden pastry waffles aljunied
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Do note that waiting times can be quite long, and that there is often a queue to enter the bakery if you come during peak hours. Expect to wait 15 to 20 minutes to get your waffle order, as they prepare in bulk.

For more baked goodies in Singapore, check out our June Bakery review for orh nee tarts. Wu Pao Chun has also opened a new outlet in Paragon.

Address: Blk 95 Aljunied Crescent, #01-505/507, Singapore 380095
Opening hours: Daily 7:30am to 9pm
Tel: 6745 5706

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