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10 Haji Lane Food Gems For Giant Burgers, Butterbeer, and Nutella Brownie Ice-Cream

14th March 2019

Feast on unique Haji Lane Food

Haji Lane strikes me as one of Singapore’s most vibrant areas. The street is a living organism – the vibes there is constantly shifting as eateries enter and exit, each hoping to leave its unique imprint on the neighbourhood. If you are spoilt for choice in a street teeming with cafes and restaurants, here are 10 Haji Lane food gems you absolutely must visit!

1. Krave

Haji Lane Food - Krave Updated

Image credit: @kravecafe

Bamboozling you with an expansive menu of dishes at nett prices, Krave is one of the more recognisable names around Haji Lane. Rally your friends to try the signature Steak ‘N’ Chips ($27), which stars a whopping 200-gram slab of ribeye, accompanied by steak-cut fries and salad. The protein is grilled to your desired rarity and excites with its succulence. You can also add Duck Foie Gras to your meal for $8!

Address: 28 Bali Lane, Singapore 189864
Opening hours: Tue-Thur 11:30am to 10pm, Fri-Sat 11:30am to 11pm, Sun 11:30am to 10pm
Tel: 9856 4249

2. Bergs

Haji Lane Food - BERGS Updated

Image credit: BERGS’ Facebook Page

Stuff yourself full with the decadent BFB ($18+/$20+) at BERGS! This gigantic burger stacks double prime beef patties with streaky bacon, sunny-side-up, cheddar cheese, and assorted vegetables. There is also a slice of pineapple hidden within the BFB, injecting a fruity and zesty dimension to the robustly flavoured meat.

Address: 10 Haji Lane, Singapore 189203
Opening hours: Sun-Thur 11am to 10pm, Fri-Sat 11am to 11pm
Tel: 6293 3424

3. Limaa

Haji Lane Food - Limaa

Limaa offers an assortment of #eatclean meals that steers away from the conventional salad. Big eaters can consider the Chic Platter ($17.90/$32.90), which indulges you with an entire roasted chicken and sides such as sweet potato wedges and salad. Pair the chicken with the garlic dip, should you still find the meat a tad dry.

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Address: 51 Haji Lane, Singapore 189244
Opening hours: Wed-Mon 9:30am to 8pm
Tel: 9362 0242

4. The Mad Sailors

Haji Lane Food - The Mad Sailors Updated

Image credit: @themadsailors

The Mad Sailors is difficult to miss with the rainbow-coloured murals decorating its storefront. Among its spread of halal British nosh, be sure to try its Bangers and Mash ($18). I adore how the caramelised onion gravy complements the peppery sausages to create a more full-bodied flavour.

For a trip to Hogsmeade and back, Potterheads can order their House Butter Beer ($8)! Entirely non-alcoholic, the milky and fizzy “booze” reels you in with its candied tang.

Address: 24 Haji Lane, Singapore 189217
Opening hours: Mon-Thur 12pm to 10pm, Fri 12pm to 11pm, Sat-Sun 10am to 11pm
Tel: 8768 0465

5. Ciao

Haji Lane Food - Ciao

Ciao translates to “hello” in Italian and the eponymous restaurant will greet your famished bellies with traditional Italian fare. The Stinco Di Maiale Alla Birra ($42++) is skilfully prepared, as the flesh of the pork knuckle effortlessly falls off the bone. Seasoned with balsamic vinegar, the white cabbage cleanses your taste buds of the unctuous meat with its refreshing zing.

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Address: 8 Haji Lane, #01-01, Singapore 189201
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 11:30am to 2am
Tel: 9726 3688

6. Moosh

Haji Lane Food - Moosh

With its eclectic selection of soft serves, Moosh offers a brief respite from the sweltering weather. The Nutella Brownies Cheesecake ($4.50/$6) is chocolate bliss, where Nutella soft serve is topped with chocolate malt, brownie crumbs, and a shower of chocolate sauce. Laced with a tinge of hazelnut, the ice-cream carried the appropriate level of sweetness.

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Address: 44 Haji Lane, Singapore 189237
Opening hours: Mon-Thur 11am to 8pm, Fri-Sun 11am to 9pm

7. LittlePo

Haji Lane Food - Littlepo Updated

Image credit: Littlepo’s Facebook Page

Recently opened in January, LittlePo is a minimalist cafe serving up one-of-a-kind bubble teas and smoothies. Try the unique Mexican Avocado Banana ($7.90) smoothie! Prepared with fibre-rich fruits, the smoothie can fill the hungriest of bellies.

If you are more a tea person, the Lapsang Souchong Milk Tea ($4.90) will thrill you with its velvety body. As their milk teas have a fixed 25% sugar content, they are a healthier solution to your bubble tea cravings.

Address: 67 Haji Lane, Singapore 189260
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 9am to 5pm
Tel: 6909 6347

8. I Am…

Haji Lane Food - I Am Updated

Image credit: I am’s Facebook Page

Inspired by his trip to Amsterdam, owner Jam opened I Am…, an al fresco cafe which showcases a litany of halal Dutch-inspired dishes. The most impressive is undoubtedly their Bitterballen ($10.90). These meatballs were tweaked for one and a half years, as Jam attempted to replicate the original flavour without the use of lard.

Address: 674 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188804
Opening hours: Mon-Thur 9am to 11pm, Fri 11am to 1am, Sat 9am to 1am, Sun 9am to 10pm
Tel: 6295 5509

9. Fluff Bakery

Haji Lane Food - Fluff Bakery Updated

Image credit: @fluffbakery

Fluff Bakery impresses with its constant innovation, for their menu here rotates weekly. To date, the patisserie has experimented with more than 100 flavours, concocting novel creations such as Ondeh Ondeh ($4) and Horlicks ($4). Each cupcakes have a surprise centre, making sure every bite unleashes a torrent of filling in your mouth.

Address: 4 Jalan Pisang, Singapore 199071
Opening hours: Tue-Sat 12pm to 7:30pm, Sun 11am to 5pm
Tel: 9660 3541

10. Blu Juz Cafe

Haji Lane Food - Blu Jaz Ambience Updated

Image credit: Blu Juz Cafe’s Facebook Page

Adorned with neon lights, Blu Jaz Cafe erupts to life at night in a kaleidoscope of vivid colours. The eatery is a popular haunt for aspiring musicians, with artists such as Nathan Hartono having performed there.

Haji Lane Food - Blu Jaz Cafe UpdatedImage credit: @shovethisinyourface

Blu Jaz Cafe is not only a treat to the ears but also a feast for your tummy with its myriad of Mediterranean dishes. A familiar name is its Shawarma, a fluffy pita bread that is stuffed with either Shredded Chicken Fillet ($12.90) or Marinated Grilled Lamb ($14.90). Like traditional shawarma, hummus is provided on the side, which injects a sweet whiff of tahini to the meat.

Address: 11 Bali Lane, Historic Kampong Glam, Singapore 189848
Opening hours: Mon-Tue 12pm to 2:30am, Wed-Thur 12pm to 1am, Fri-Sat 12pm to 3am, Sun 12pm to 1am
Tel: 9199 0610

The perfect weekend at Haji Lane

Relax and soak up the gorgeous vibes of Haji Lane while indulging in the scrumptious food there! Leave us a comment below if we have missed out on your favourite spots at Haji Lane.

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