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RedMart Has Japanese KitKat Flavours Including Strawberry Cheesecake And Sweet Potato

12th June 2020

Japanese KitKat at RedMart

sweet potato KitKat
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One of the best things about travelling to Japan is raiding their convenience stores and trying the wide range of quirky snacks they have. This extends to Japanese-exclusive versions of familiar treats from the likes of Pocky, Calbee, KitKat and more. Unfortunately, the current coronavirus pandemic makes visiting The Land of The Rising Sun a pipe dream for now—much less buying the goodies as souvenirs. Thankfully, RedMart has recently stocked up on Japanese KitKat flavours which hail from different regions of the country.

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Their Purple Sweet Potato flavour comes from Kyushu and Okinawa. In each box, you’ll find 12 packets of KitKat arranged daintily—upping the omiyage (souvenir) vibes. This KitKat is coated in milk chocolate that is infused with the flavour of Okinawan sweet potato. Reviews have stated that the snack tastes exactly like its namesake, right down to its starchiness.

cheesecake kitkat
Image credit: @808knits

If you love all things sweet, the Strawberry Cheesecake KitKat will be right up your alley. Originally from Yokohama, the snack has a white chocolate coating that is infused with cream cheese for that punch of richness. Furthermore, it sports strawberry and cheese cream spread between the wafer layers, giving it extra sweetness.

strawberry kitkat
Image credit: @arcs.and.lines.homebrew

The Amaou Strawberry KitKat is something that I got to try during my last trip to Japan. Made with Amaou strawberries from Fukuoka, the treat is extremely sweet with a strong sour aftertaste.

All these unique Japanese KitKat flavours are available at RedMart at $12.95 each. Since it’ll be quite some time before most of us step onto Japan’s soil, we recommend getting these snacks ASAP before they run out.

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