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Kota88 Review: Late-night Resto Serving Pork Nasi Campur, Pork Satay And A Cheap Liquid Buffet

8th November 2018

Head to Kota88 for supper and more

Kota 88 flatlay

East-siders are in for an atas treat with the new addition of Kota88. It’s one of the few food spots in the area that opens till the wee hours of the night, and  has an expansive and impressive menu of Chinese-Indonesian food to offer. With neon lights and pretty tiles that scream ‘hipster’, this restaurant is doing it right.

Food at Kota88

Kota 88 pork nasi campur

I love my pork, period. And Kota88’s Nasi Campur Babi ($12.88++) -a Chinese-Indonesian version of a pork platter with rice – is a dish I would gladly head down for. It features roast pork, char siew, siew mai, ngoh hiang, pig ears, braised egg, and a sweet pork satay, plated beautifully with steamed white rice. You can also swap your rice to chicken rice at no extra cost.

Kota 88 roast pork nasi campur

I opted for the chicken rice like clockwork. It gave each mouthful an extra oomph of flavour and paired well with the roast pork slices and char siew.

Everything on the plate had their flavours on point, but my favourite out of the bunch was the char siew. It was sweet on the outside and well marinated.. The roast pork had a nicely salted crackling which stayed crunchy despite our excited photo-taking. I only wished for a more fatty than meaty cut.

Kota 88 ingredients

The ngoh hiang and siew mai though packed full with minced meat, took a back seat because of their more flavourful counterparts. They were familiar classics, but with a contemporary flair.

Kota 88 satay

If the succulent satay in the Nasi Campur Babi left you hankering for more, order a Sate Babi ($15.88++). The spotlight turns to odds and ends. You’ll get a medley of pork liver satay, pork intestine satay, pork skin satay, sweet marinated pork satay, and savoury marinated pork satay. They are glazed with kecap manis (Indonesian sweet sauce), making each stick divine-smelling and delicious.

Kota 88 Kombo Cha Sio & Sio Bak

They also offer a Kombo Cha Sio & Sio Bak ($34.88++), which is great for sharing. It comes with 200 grams of char siew and 200 grams of roast pork. This is ideal for times when you want to feast out, zi char-style. All you need is a bowl of fragrant chicken rice or jasmine rice at $1.88++.

Kota 88 Babat Jarit Cah Tauge

Other highlights include their Babat Jarit Cah Tauge ($17.88++). This stir-fry gives you a generous portion of chewy beef tripe and crunchy bean sprouts. The dish is a hodgepodge of meaty flavours that divides opinion, but is definitely one I see my parents enjoying.

Kota 88 dessert

The best way to end your meal here is on a sweet note. The Es Teler ($6.88++) got a resounding vote from everyone at the table. Essentially just milk, coconut, avocado, and jackfruit on shaved ice, the dessert is a winning combination. It is both thirst-quenching and makes for a simple yet delicious after-dinner indulgence.

Kota 88 alcohol buffet

If you’re down for a good time, Kota88 has a liquid buffet at $31.88++ from 9pm to 12am every night. For two hours you get free-flow drinks from an extensive menu which includes their Kota88 draft beer, apricot brandy, Bailey’s milk and more.

Ambience at Kota88

Kota 88 interior

Entering Kota88 is like reliving my trip to Bali. The ambience here is idyllic with an air of 1960’s decadence. The restaurant exudes a chill vibe, with seatings both indoors and outdoors. The area indoors is spacious enough to hold big groups, while the area outdoors makes ideal alfresco spots for when the sun sets.  

The verdict

Kota 88 bar

As a Westie, I can still say that Kota88 definitely warrants a return visit. The East isn’t somewhere I would usually venture, but for a special occasion like a birthday dinner or office gathering, it will be one of my options.

If you’re looking for more supper places, check out these late night supper spots that are not dim sum or prata, or these Bedok food places for ma la buffet, salted egg ayam goreng and more.

Address: 907 East Coast Road, #01-02, Springvale, Singapore 459107
Opening hours: Daily 11am to 3pm, 6pm to 3am
Tel: 6242 2645
Kota88 is not a halal eatery.

Photos taken by Lim An.
This was a media tasting at Kota88.


  • 8/10
    - 8/10


– Extensive menu
– Well-flavoured dishes
– Opens till late

– Some dishes might be pricey

Recommended Dishes: Nasi Campur Babi ($12.88++), Kombo Cha Sio & Sio Bak ($34.88++), Es Teler ($6.88++)

Opening hours: Daily 11am to 3pm, 6pm to 3am

Address: 907 East Coast Road, #01-02, Springvale, Singapore 459107

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