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Little Myanmar Review: Wallet-Friendly And Legit Burmese Food In Clementi

28th April 2023
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Little Myanmar Halal Foods is a Muslim-owned Burmese hawker stall in Clementi


I love food, and if possible, I’d like to try as many cuisines as I can. Burmese cuisine, in particular, is one that I’ve always been curious about, and I finally got to try it after I chanced upon Little Myanmar Halal Foods.


The stall is run by Kyaw Kyaw Lin, a Mandalay native who is also a Muslim. The business first launched in Peninsula Plaza, which is known to be a Burmese enclave in Singapore, before shifting to its current location in Clementi.

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Food at Little Myanmar Halal Foods


We started with the Pickle Tea Salad ($6.50). It consisted of fermented tea leaves, legumes, chilli, and slices of garlic.


On my first bite, I was met with a bright and sharp taste of pickles, followed by herbaceous and peppery notes that came from the accompanying herbs, vegetables, and raw garlic. Although I’d say it’s an acquired taste, I enjoyed it as a refreshing starter that whetted my appetite. I’d suggest sharing this dish, though, as the portion may be too much for one person.


The Creamy Soft Tofu Noodle ($6) is a dish I highly recommend trying, for it was my favourite of the bunch. The dish consists of a thick and creamy turmeric-infused chickpea gravy, chopped peanuts, garlic, sesame seeds, chicken, soya sauce, and coriander on a bed of springy rice noodles.


The gravy was so thick that it resembled the texture of tofu, and although I had expected it to be jelak, it turned out to be incredibly flavourful yet comforting. The chunks of chicken were also tender and juicy, enhancing the overall texture of the dish.


Next, we got the Moh Hin Khar ($6) noodles, which is a super popular dish in Myanmar. The owner calls it ‘Myanmar laksa’, which is understandable, because it tasted somewhat similar to assam laksa. The main difference, in my opinion, was that it was more savoury, with a strong hint of pepper and lime.


There were also chunks of fried fish cake, together with chickpea and dal fritters that added a nutty touch to the dish.


To wash it all down, we got the Milk Tea ($3), which was creamy and not overly sweet with a hint of spices. It reminded me of masala chai, a popular drink in India that’s essentially milk tea infused with masala and other spices. It was really delicious and comforting, so I highly recommend having it to go with your meal.

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Ambience at Little Myanmar Halal Foods


Little Myanmar Halal Foods is located at a coffee shop nestled in the heartlands of Clementi. There were plenty of seats available as we came on a weekday morning, but a steady stream of customers started lining up as it reached lunchtime. Most of the customers also seemed to be Burmese themselves, which to me, is a mark of a good restaurant serving legit Burmese cuisine.

The stall is a 10-minute walk from Clementi MRT Station.

The verdict

Little Myanmar Halal Foods blew us away with its delicious and comforting food. As an Eastie, I wouldn’t mind travelling across the city just so that I can introduce my friends and family to try the cuisine, because I’m sure they’d love it too.

Address: 328 Clementi Avenue 2, #01-220, Singapore 120328
Opening hours: Tue-Fri 9am to 8:30pm, Sat-Sun 8:30am to 8:30pm
Little Myanmar Halal Foods is a Muslim-owned eatery.

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Photos taken by Yi En Chew.
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Little Myanmar Halal Foods Review: Wallet-Friendly Burmese Food In Clementi
  • 8.5/10
    Little Myanmar Halal Foods Review: Wallet-Friendly Burmese Food In Clementi - 8.5/10


– Friendly owner with great service
– Food was very delicious
– Prices were very affordable

– Location is a bit inconvenient

Recommended dishes: Pickle Tea Salad ($6.50), Creamy Soft Tofu Noodle ($6), Moh Hin Khar ($6), Milk Tea ($3)

Opening hours: Tue-Fri 9am to 8:30pm, Sat-Sun 8:30am to 8:30pm

Address: 328 Clementi Avenue 2, #01-220, Singapore 120328

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