LoFi Bar Is A New Ice Cream Cafe That Serves Coriander Gelato And Mala Waffles
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LoFi Bar Is A New Ice Cream Cafe That Serves Coriander Gelato And Mala Waffles

13th October 2021

Coriander gelato at LoFi Cafe

Ice cream and waffle cafes open till the wee hours of the morning are one of Singapore’s hottest food trends of late, and joining that bandwagon is LoFi Bar in Hougang, albeit with a bit of a twist—they have coriander gelato on the menu.

coriander gelato lofi bar
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We’ve heard of coriander birthday cake, even coriander bubble tea, but Coriander Gelato is definitely throwing us a curve. It began as a temporary flavour at LoFi Bar, but has recently become a permanent menu item. Combining sweet cream with the sharp zing of coriander, this gelato flavour apparently converted over 80% of coriander haters who tried it. We’ll let you be the judge.

lofi bar hougang
Image credit: LoFi 

A cup of coriander gelato is priced from $4.60. Apart from this questionable ice cream flavour, LoFi Bar is also home to other gelato flavours. These include their popular, cinnamon-rich Churro (from $4.80), Green Apple Yakult (from $3.80) and more. You can enjoy your ice cream as a cup or cone, or on a waffle, croffle—AKA croissant waffle—or brownie, for an additional $4.80.

lofi bar food
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Main courses are also available. They have a Mala Chicken Waffle ($11.90), a spin on the classic fried chicken and waffles, and an Unagi Don, priced affordably at $16.90. Light bites are also enjoyable, including Truffle Chips ($3.50), and Seaweed Chicken ($9.90).

LoFi is open from lunch, all the way till midnight on weekdays, and 2am from Friday to weekends. This means you can head down to satisfy your late-night sweet treat cravings if you live in the Hougang ‘hood.

If you don’t live in Hougang, but want to try your hand at something questionably coriander-rich, then bake our coriander butter cake recipe. Otherwise, read our Glacier review for pandan mochi waffles and matcha brioche in Jalan Besar, or our Softhaus review, where we try Janice Wong’s new ice cream kiosk.

Address: 108 Hougang Avenue 1, #01-1281, Singapore 530108
Opening hours: Sun-Thurs 12pm to 12am, Fri-Sat 12pm to 2am

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Feature image adapted from LoFi 

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