Lucky Dumplings In ION Orchard Sells Truffle And Mala Dumplings Under $10
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This Stall Sells Truffle And Mala Dumplings Under $10 In ION Orchard

10th March 2022

Lucky Dumplings in ION Orchard

We should all feel lucky that a dish as tasty as dumplings exists. Lucky Dumplings, a takeaway kiosk in ION Orchard, will make you feel even more blessed with their clever dumpling flavours that add new dimensions to this familiar dish.

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Those who cannot resist the aroma of truffle will adore the Truffle Mushroom ($7.90 for six, $9.90 for eight) flavour. Impossible Meat, earthy shiitake mushrooms and cabbage form the insides of these dumplings, making them perfect for vegetarians, while fragrant truffle oil adds a layer of flavour to the dish.

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Mala flavours are everywhere these days, but that doesn’t make the Mala Chicken ($5.90 for six, $6.90 for eight) dumplings any less tantalising. Expect a fiery mala punch and juicy chicken bits underneath those fresh dumpling wrappers.

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Other exciting flavours include the local-inspired Chilli Prawn ($7.90 for six, $9.90 for eight) and the Korean-style Kimchi & Cheese ($6.90 for six, $8.90 for eight). For dumpling purists, there’s also the classic Original Lucky ($5.90 for six, $6.90 for eight) flavour.


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If you want something a little heartier, order some noodles to go along with your dumplings. The Truffle Mushroom Noodles ($7.90) is said to have that powerful truffle aroma, and is complemented with chopped green onions and gobs of flavourful mushrooms.

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The Szechuan Chicken Noodles ($7.90), meanwhile, sees yummy chicken shreds and noodles draped in a secret mala sauce that will surely stimulate the senses. Pair them with their dumpling equivalents if ‘too much of a good thing’ doesn’t apply to you, or mix and match for a diverse range of flavours.

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Address: 2 Orchard Turn B4-63, ION Orchard, Singapore 238801
Opening hours: Daily 10am to 10pm
Lucky Dumplings is not a halal-certified eatery.

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