Chicken McCrispy Secretly Returns To Select McDonald's Outlets, '90s Kids Rejoice
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McDonald’s Chicken McCrispy Secretly Returns To Select Outlets, ’90s Kids Rejoice

3rd November 2020

Chicken McCrispy is back at McDonald’s

Chicken McCrispy—here’s a name you haven’t heard in a long, long time. This OG take on the McDonald’s McWings were only available between 1998 to 2002, when they disappeared off the chain’s menus islandwide, never to be seen again. Until today.

6-pc-tub chicken mccrispy

Word has it on social media that the McDonald’s Chicken McCrispy is making a low-key comeback at ten McDonald’s outlets islandwide. The post, credited to Facebook group, Singapore Atrium Sale, first brought light to this exciting comeback.

The ten outlets are Northpoint City, Blk 267 Serangoon Avenue 3, Bedok Mall, Hougang Mall, Geylang East, Regal Theatre, Keat Hong, Trade Hub 21, Boat Quay, and Parkway Parade. 

You can get this as an Extra Value Meal, with two Chicken McCrispy wings, a drink, and fries for $8.40, or add-on a McCrispy to your meal for $3.50. You can also get it ala carte for $6, or in a bucket of six drumsticks and thighs at $16.90.

For those who don’t know, the McDonald’s Chicken McCrispy are deep-fried chicken legs, purportedly bigger, juicier, and better than their McWings. When it was launched in 1998, the promotional advertisements featured two cartoon superheroes, Flash Fry and Steam Marinade, who collaborated to create these deep-fried goodies.

chicken mccrispy mcdonalds

Image credit: Fendercat

We’ve been ghosted since 2002, when the Chicken McCrispy vanished off the face of Singapore, but now, keen McCrispy fans can finally rekindle their love with this classic McDonald’s item.

chicken mccrispy macs

Image credit: @yichunsmile

We got ourselves a bucket, and are happy to report that these crispy chicken legs still pack the same spice kick reminiscent of a McSpicy, ooze with juice and are as tasty as we recall.

chicken McCrispy-detail

Don’t expect a shatteringly-crisp crust on the McCrispy—it’s muted, more like a dusting of crunch that nicely transitions into the tender flesh within with each bite. To give you an idea of how juicy the meat is, our first attempt at tearing a chicken thigh into half resulted in spurts of chicken juice shooting across the kitchen.

chicken McCrispy-juicy

Be warned though, that each batch of McCrispy takes 30 minutes to roll out, so factor in ample waiting time if you’re heading down to any of the outlets to get your hands on some of this fried chicken. As of 3 November, it has also been sold out at most outlets.

chicken mccrispy

We eagerly wait to see if it will roll out to outlets islandwide, and on McDelivery too.

In the meantime, McDonald’s has brought back its Hokkaido Salmon Burger and Hershey’s ice cream range, for a limited time only.

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If you can’t get enough of fried chicken, check out the new Fatburger outlet at Cineleisure, which sells buffalo wings. Also, we have a list of the best Korean fried chicken delivery services in Singapore for you to order from.

On the hawker front, Skirt and Dirt is a new stall at Tiong Bahru which makes unique cheese skirt burgers, while Hammee’s in Commonwealth has handcrafted burgers that won’t break the bank.

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