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McDonald’s Crispy Chicken And Coconut Pie Are Now Available For Delivery And Takeaway

21st May 2020

McDonald’s Crispy Chicken and Coconut Pie are back

McDonald's Crispy Chicken - Crispy Chicken

After nearly a gruelling month’s wait, McDonald’s has finally reopened its doors and returned for operation on May 11, amidst the ongoing Circuit Breaker. Along with its return, the fast food chain has also brought some fan-favourite items back onto their menu. These include the Crispy Chicken and Coconut Pie which were gone from the menu after being released for a limited time.

McDonald's Crispy Chicken - Crispy Chicken Feast
Image credit: @mcdsg

The a la carte 2pc Crispy Chicken will set you back $6.20, or you can get the Crispy Chicken Feast for $9.95 to enjoy your fried chicken together with some fries, Coca-Cola, and a coconut pie. 

McDonald's Crispy Chicken - Coconut Pie
Image credit: @sh_foodstory

A crispy pie to get your hands on is the McDonald’s Coconut Pie, going for $1.80 per pocket. This snack is a seasonal item that was released together with the “Nasi Lemak” Burger and Chendol McFlurry in previous years. If you’ve yet to give McDonald’s a go since their reopening, perhaps these returning menu items might convince you to put in a delivery order. 

McDonald's Crispy Chicken - McGriddles

The Crispy Chicken was launched as a menu item early last year in February, together with the Sausage Egg McGriddles. While the former is back in McDonald’s outlets, its much more popular counterpart—McGriddles—has yet to make a reappearance.

The elusive McDonald’s McGriddles came back on the menu in February this year. At that time, it was launched together with the McDonald’s Chocolate Pie, which had also gained lots of love from followers of the fast food joint. Although these popular items are not available now, there are other items you can indulge in, such as the highly sought-after Spicy Chicken McNuggets ($13.80) that have remained on the menu.

Alternatively, you can get your burger fix as well as #supportlocal by ordering off this list of hawker burger delivery options. For another fried chicken deal, check out Wing Zone’s 1-for-1 promotion.

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Featured image adapted from @sh_foodstory‘s post.

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