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McDonald’s Spicy Chicken McNuggets And Curry Sauce Bottle Are Back From 1 Jan 2020

30th December 2019

McDonald’s Spicy Chicken McNuggets are back

McDonald's Spicy McNuggets - Curry Sauce and Nuggets

To end the year with a bang, McDonald’s has just announced that they’re bringing Spicy Chicken McNuggets back from 1 January 2020! Coming along with it are the return of the Curry Sauce Bottle as well as a new Mango Passionfruit Pie.

McDonald's Spicy McNuggets - Spicy McNuggets

Aside from the usual six-, nine- and 20-piece Spicy Chicken McNugget meals (from $5 a la carte), the new return also includes a Happy Sharing Box option. The Happy Sharing Box C (from $12.85) comes with 12 pieces of Spicy Chicken McNuggets and eight pieces of McWings. 

Going with the late-night McNugget supper is the Curry Sauce Bottle, which comes with a new design. It costs $5.50 with any purchase of McNuggets, be it the spicy or non-spicy type, at all McDonald’s outlets. 

If you don’t wanna change out of your PJs, you can also get the Curry Sauce Bottle via delivery. For this, you gotta get the Delivery Exclusive Bundle, which comprises 20 pieces of Spicy Chicken McNuggets and 20 pieces of Chicken McNuggets on top of the Curry Sauce Bottle. The bundle is available on McDelivery as well as GrabFood at $32.90. 

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Mango Passionfruit pie

While the popular Chocolate Pie doesn’t seem to be coming back soon, the new Mango Passionfruit Pie seems worthy of a try. This fruity pie goes at $1.50 at all outlets and Dessert Kiosks islandwide. 

spicy mcnuggets feast

To feast on everything at one shot, get the Spicy Chicken McNuggets Feast at $10.30. This comes with nine pieces of Spicy Chicken McNuggets, medium-sized fries, a Mango Passionfruit Pie, as well as a cup of Peach McFizz. 

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If you have to drag yourself to work with a hangover after a New Year’s party, pop by McDonald’s in the morning to get their Breakfast Wrap Chicken Sausage Extra Value Meal at $5 (U.P. $6.10). This deal is only available on weekdays, at all outlets and McDelivery. 

The Mango Passionfruit Pie and Curry Sauce Bottle are available while stocks last, so be sure to get your hands on them before they’re gone! 

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