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12 Hawker Burger Delivery Spots To Fix Your Cravings When You Can’t Get McDonald’s

21st May 2020

Hawker burger delivery in Singapore

Hawker Burger Delivery -

There’s always something so satisfying about sinking your teeth into a good ol’ juicy burger. Hawker burgers are not only cheap and good, but they also provide an alternative to fast food. Many Singaporeans are burger fans and hence, we have compiled this list of hawker burger delivery spots during this stay-home period.

1. Hot Chick Buns

Hot Chick Buns dishes out a wide selection of halal fried and grilled chicken burgers, and many have raved that they sell the best chicken burgers in Singapore. With one-of-a-kind flavours such as garlic aioli and assam pedas, your taste buds will be taken on a joy ride. Try the Hot Ass-am ($9.45), which features fried chicken thigh slathered in tangy assam pedas mayonnaise, encased between buttered squid ink buns. Prepared in a secret marinade, the plump chicken thigh is nicely crisp with a moist interior. 

There’s no minimum order, and they deliver island-wide with varying delivery fees via food delivery platforms. 

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Hot Chick Buns order form

2. Meet 4 Meat

Besides serving up steaks at wallet-friendly prices, Meet 4 Meat also has pretty solid burgers. Try their Carbonara Pulled Pork Burger ($10), which contains shredded pork shoulder drenched in creamy carbonara sauce. Beef lovers will enjoy the Beef Bolognese Burger ($10), which consists of a generous amount of minced beef shin that’s marinated in a robust bolognese sauce. There’s no minimum order with a flat $10 island-wide delivery fee. 

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Call 8290 3605 to order
Find out more on their Facebook page

3. Lad & Dad

Besides comforting British fare, Lad & Dad also serves up one heck of a burger with their Bacon & Chip Butty ($14). With ingredients traditionally consumed during breakfast hours, this burger surprisingly does make for a comforting meal during lunch and dinner. It features smoked bacon, crispy golden hash brown, grilled mozzarella, and an oozing fried egg, all sandwiched between grilled brioche buns. To round off the British experience, it’s served with straight cut chips. There’s a minimum order of $60 with a flat $8 island-wide delivery fee.

Lad & Dad order form

4. The Carving Board

Situated under a HDB block in Jurong East, The Carving Board is an unassuming Western stall that dishes out atas Western cuisine at wallet-friendly prices. Their chefs use quality ingredients in the Beef Cheeseburger ($14+). It features succulent ground Australian beef rump, sliced gherkin, bacon, and cheddar cheese. Depending on delivery locations, there are varying minimum orders and island-wide delivery fees.

The Carving Board order form

5. Burgs by Project Warung

The halal-certified Burgs by Project Warung is famous for their wide range of delectable burgers that come at affordable prices. Their signature Burgs’ Bacon & Cheese Burger ($7.70 for single, $10.70 for double patty) is lip-smackingly good. It’s made with handcrafted beef patty, smoked turkey bacon, American cheese, and house-made barbecue sauce. Island-wide delivery is free for orders above $30, and $5 for orders below $30

Call 9457 8622 or 9023 0574 to order
Check out the full menu on their website

6. Ashes Burnnit

The brainchild of an ex-founder of Burgs by Project Warung, Ashes Burnnit serves up delicious renditions of classic burger dishes. Try their madly-raved Ashes Smash Cheese Burger ($5.90 for single, $8.40 for double patty), which features thin beef patties that are ‘smashed’ upon being sizzled on the grill. This method gives them an evenly charred crust while retaining a juicy interior. FYI the stall also sells mac & cheese and ice-cream croissants!

For locations within a 5km radius of Golden Mile Food Centre, there is no minimum order with a delivery fee ranging from $3 to $5.

For island-wide delivery, there’s a minimum order of $20 with a flat $10 delivery fee. Remember to order your food at least one hour before their two daily island-wide delivery time slots, which are 12:30pm and 6pm respectively.

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WhatsApp 9270 4670 or 9222 9130 to order
Check out the menu on their Facebook page

7. The Chop Chop Selections

The Chop Chop Selections is a well-loved Western stall housed within Bedok Marketplace. Besides serving up delicious Western grub, it also sells pretty solid burgers. Sink your teeth into their Deluxe Wagyu Burger ($14.50). The Wagyu beef patty has great marbling, making it extremely tender and succulent. It’s paired with cheese, vegetables, creamy mayo, and a neat sunny side up. The stall has a minimum order of $30 and offers free delivery to locations within a 1km to 3km radius from Bedok Marketplace. For locations within a 3km to 10km radius of their stall, there’s a flat $5 delivery fee. Delivery fee to other locations is $12. Orders above $100 will be entitled to free island-wide delivery.

WhatsApp 8688 7722 to order
Check out the full menu on their Facebook page

8. Wok In Burger

Wok In Burger dishes out American-style burgers with a playful local twist. Being a lover of coffee pork ribs at most zi char stalls, I had to try their Coffee Pork Burger ($11.80+). It features a coffee pork patty that boasts the fragrant, earthy aroma of coffee. Upon biting into it, I found that it tasted sweet and smoky. The patty is topped with achar, which provides a refreshing complement to the strong coffee flavour of the pork. There’s a minimum order of $50 with a flat $5 island-wide delivery fee. Spend above $58 to receive a complimentary soup of the day

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Wok In Burger order form

9. Fatty Bom Bom

Known for their huge Western food portions, halal-certified Fatty Bom Bom also serves up tasty and hefty burgers. Famished monsters have to try their Double Mega ($12.80), which is served with french fries. This huge burger consists of two juicy beef patties topped with sinful melted cheese, coleslaw, all sandwiched between charred buns. There’s no minimum order with a flat $10 island-wide delivery fee. This fee is waived for orders above $50. Orders must be placed by 5pm on the day of the delivery, and must follow a standard message template. Do note that the stall only accepts payment via PayNow.

WhatsApp 8374 3660 to order
Check out their Facebook page for the delivery template and menu

10. Zipp Burger & Pasta

Situated in Amoy Street Food Centre, Zipp Burger & Pasta sells tasty handmade burgers at wallet-friendly prices. You have to try their classic Hamburger ($5.70), which features a juicy beef patty that’s layered with beautifully melted cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, all sandwiched between a classic sesame seed bun. The stall sells pretty gnarly pork patties as well, so we recommend topping up $3 to fit the burger with an additional pork patty! Every one of their patties is marinated and hand moulded with tender care. There’s no minimum order with island-wide delivery fees ranging from $5 to $10 depending on your location.

WhatsApp 9656 6865 to order
Check out their Instagram page for the delivery template

11. The Bread Gang

Hawker Burger Delivery --2

If you’ve never heard of a Roti John Cheeseburger ($7.90), you’ve got to check out The Bread Gang. The cheese lover in me just couldn’t wait to engulf all that cheesy goodness in a few hefty bites. This unique burger consists of a fluffy omelette, succulent minced meat, and crunchy vegetables, all encased between comforting bread. Without a doubt, the star of the show was the intensely creamy nacho cheese that the burger was slathered with. The stall has a minimum order of $20 for delivery, and delivery fees range from $5 to $13 depending on location. Orders must be placed by 4pm on the day of the delivery, and must follow a standard message template. 

The Bread Gang Review: Cheese-Drenched Roti John Cheeseburger, Curly Fries With Beef Rendang And More

WhatsApp 9649 6585 to order
Delivery menu
Check out their Instagram page for delivery fees and the delivery template

12. Singapore Night Bazaar

With the temporary closure of physical pasar malam, many have missed feasting on good food in a bustling atmosphere. A classic pasar malam dish is Ramly burger, which has been the guilty pleasure of many Singaporeans, and you will be glad to hear that you can now get them online from Singapore Night Bazaar’s website! You can get a Beef Ramly Burger ($4) and Chicken Ramly Burger ($4) with a minimum order of $10. There is a flat $5 island-wide delivery fee with the promo code ‘Deliver5’. This fee is waived for orders above $30.

Singapore Night Bazaar order form

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