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Onalu Review: Affordable Bagel Sandwiches and Acai Bowls Under $10 At Dhoby Ghaut

22nd January 2020

Onalu brings cheap bagels to SMU

Onalu Flatlay

When you think of bagel sandwiches, Two Men Bagel House always comes to mind. Well, all that is about to change, thanks to Onalu. Located at SMU and opened by the folks behind Kenboru, this minimalist cafe pushes out affordable bagel sandwiches and fruity smoothie bowls. In fact, if you’re thinking of a cheap meal in town, Onalu will be a good pick. 

Food at Onalu

Onalu - Breakfast Bae

The menu is lean, with four bagel sandwiches and four smoothie bowls. We started off with Breakfast Bae ($6.90) which comprises juicy bacon, smashed avocado, fresh tomatoes and a runny sunny-side-up egg. This sandwich clearly takes inspiration from Two Men’s Whammer. 

Onalu Breakfast Bae

You can take your pick of bagel, and options include Plain, Sesame, and Onion. We decided to go for the Onion for the Breakfast Bae.

The bagel was nicely toasted and soft yet chewy—just the way I like it. It wasn’t as huge or as filling as Two Men’s version, but for the price, I would say it’s extremely value-for-money.

Onalu Bagel

Bacon and eggs is a combination that won’t go wrong, so this is a safe option to get when you’re here. I’m glad that the bacon was grilled and not fried until crispy; this ensured it retained its juiciness.

I did find the pungency from the onions a little overwhelming when paired with the buttery avocados, and would opt for a plain bagel the next time I come.

Onalu Chicken

Next up was The Besto Chicken ($7.90). It features grilled Mediterranean chicken, iceberg lettuce, and tomatoes, along with their house-made basil pesto mayo. 

Onalu Besto Chicken

The chicken was well spiced, with hints of peppery smokiness that paired well with the herby pesto. It was also not dry, as chicken thigh was used. 

Onalu Besto

The veggies were a smart addition, as they helped lighten the flavours of this bagel sandwich. It was a little messy to eat this though, with the meat and veggies spilling out at every bite.

Onalu Smoothie Bowls

The Smoothie Bowls ($6.90 for small, $9.90 for medium, $13.90 for large) are the real MVPs here, especially the Pink Flamingo Bowl. Blended with frozen pitaya (dragonfruit), mango, and banana, before being topped with house-made granola, chia pudding, coconut flakes, Nutty’s almond butter, and a rainbow of fruits, this bowl delivered waves of fruity, nutty flavours. 

Onalu Fruits

I am normally not a fan of such healthy bowls, but couldn’t resist wiping this clean despite how stuffed I was. Their selection of fruits made it interesting too, with sour notes from the kiwi and strawberries, pairing well with the sweet mangoes and banana. The nutty butter and granola helped to make it a richer treat, and complemented the smooth texture of the pink base.

Onalu Acai Bowl

They also have a Classic “Ah-Cai” Bowl at the same price. It has the same toppings, with an organic acai base. However, I did find the flavour of the acai not pronounced enough. I would recommend skipping this classic flavour and opt for their other fruit bowls instead.

Aside from smoothie bowls, they also have freshly blended smoothies at $6.90. We tried the Mango Let’s Go featuring an icy blend of mango, banana, vanilla, and Greek yoghurt. Thanks to the yoghurt, this tart drink was lusciously thick and not at all diluted or filled with ice. However, considering its price, I would rather have the Smoothie Bowl instead!

Ambience at Onalu

Onalu Ambience

Situated in SMU’s School of Accountancy compound, Onalu ticks all the boxes of a millennial-run cafe, with its marble bar top tables, hanging Edison-bulbs, and neon light signage. There’s even a hammock there for you to take an #OOTD with your grub! Since it’s in a school, you can expect to find students mugging there at times. However, there are enough seats, both indoors and outdoors, to go around. 

The verdict

Onalu Exterior

Onalu may not be on par to Two Men’s Bagel House in terms of quality, but they definitely beat them in the affordability department.  It’s not every day you can find a meal under $10 in town too. If I had to choose a place to have my weekly bagel sandwich or healthy fruit bowls, this cafe in town will definitely rank high on my list. SMU students and alumni have it even better, as they get $1 off for everything on the menu.

Address: 60 Stamford Road, #01-11, Singapore 178900
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10am to 7:30pm, Sat-Sun 11am to 5pm

Photos taken by John Lery Villanueva.
This was a media tasting at Onalu.

  • 7/10

    - 7/10



– Affordable
– Located in town
– Spacious ambience

– Not the best in terms of quality

Recommended dishes:  Pink Flamingo Bowl ($6.90 for small, $9.90 for medium, $13.90 for large), The Besto Chicken ($7.90)

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10am to 7:30pm, Sat-Sun 11am to 5pm

Address: 60 Stamford Road, #01-11, Singapore 178900

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