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OREO Launches Pokemon-Themed Cookies With Pikachu And Charmander Designs

20th February 2024

OREO has new Pokemon-themed cookies

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Image credit: OreoMalaysiaSingapore

One usually encounters Pokemon in tall grass or caves, but thanks to OREO’s latest collaboration with The Pokémon Company, you may just find them in your packet of OREO cookies.

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Launched this month, these OREO Pokémon cookies are embossed with 16 different Pokemon, some of which are harder to uncover than others. So like in the actual video game series, it’s going to be relatively easy to find cookies bearing Charmander or Rowlett, but very difficult to land yourself Mew, the legendary Pokemon. Just make sure you have a Master Ball with you when that happens.

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These OREO Pokemon cookies also come in flavours such as Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Chocolate Banana. The Chocolate Banana flavour can be found in the special edition Pikachu cookie, which has a yellow appearance and arguably the most iconic Pokemon embossed on its surface.

Prices for these OREOs may vary depending on where you purchase them from, but if we’re using FairPrice as a reference, a tube of OREO Pokemon cookies starts from $1.71, while a box filled with packets of three cookies starts from $3.34.

04. OREO Pokemon Launch PR Creative Asset 4Image credit: OreoMalaysiaSingapore

Should you buy these OREO in boxes, you will also find an OREO Pokémon photocard inside it. These cards feature beloved Pokemon from various generations, such as Squirtle, Snivy, Pancham and more. These are only available while stocks last, so get out there and make sure you catch ’em all!

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Feature image adapted from OreoMalaysiaSingapore.

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