Paradise Biryani: This South Indian Restaurant At Sembawang Serves Briyani Cooked In Bamboo
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Paradise Biryani: This South Indian Restaurant At Sembawang Serves Briyani Cooked In Bamboo

19th October 2021

Paradise Biryani in Sembawang

paradise biryani bamboo biryani
Image credit: Don Leow

Although new trends are popping up everywhere, sometimes it’s good to return to the roots and go back to the traditional styles of cooking. South Indian restaurant Paradise Biryani offers authentic Indian cuisine, including briyani cooked in bamboo, which isn’t commonly found here in Singapore.

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Bamboo cooking is one of the most common old-school methods of cooking used in Southeast Asia, and bamboo briyani has been said to originate from traditional Indian tribal cuisine. The unique dish contains long-grained rice cooked with spices and herbs, as well as a protein, for a fragrant and flavourful end product.

paradise biryani lamb briyani in bamboo
Image credit: Don Leow

There are four bamboo briyani options to choose from at Paradise Biryani. Get their Bamboo Mutton Biryani ($15.90) or Bamboo Beef Biryani ($15.90) if you’re a big fan of lamb or beef. Otherwise, there’s also Bamboo Chicken Biryani ($13.90) for a milder taste. For those who love seafood, you can try their Bamboo Prawn Biryani ($15.90).

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paradise biryani masala
Image credit: Don Leow

Their masala is also said to be a popular dish among patrons. Vegetarians will enjoy the Mixed Veg Masala or Chana Masala for $6.90. If you prefer something meatier, there are other options such as the Chicken Masala ($10.90), Mutton Masala ($12.90), and Fish Masala ($11.90)

paradise biryani fish pollichatu
Image credit: Srivithiy Vijayan

For a feisty number, get their Mutton Spicy Flame ($13.90), which also comes in protein options of chicken, beef, and prawns. You can also get their Fish Pollichathu ($15.90), traditionally wrapped in banana leaf for an aromatic flavour.

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Address: 369 Sembawang Road, #01-07, Singapore 758382
Opening hours: Tues-Sun 10am to 9:30pm
Tel: 6314 6369

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Featured image adapted from Don Leow’s post.

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