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This Poolside Cafe In Telok Ayer Has Rosti Waffles At Nett Prices, Open Till 6AM Daily

24th May 2024

Seal is a poolside cafe and bar selling rosti waffles


If you work in the CBD and are looking for a place nearby to unwind, Seal in Telok Ayer might just be the place for you. The cafe has collaborated with Skypool@139, a rooftop bar tucked away on the 16th floor of the YSY Building. It offers a stunning view of the CBD and transforms into a vibey spot perfect for conversations over drinks and snacks in the evening. If the cafe rings a bell, it’s probably because they opened a branch near Ubi MRT Station last year. They have since relocated to Telok Ayer!

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Seal is known for their roffles, which are a crossover of rosti and waffles. Here’s the thing: you don’t get actual waffles, and instead, the deep-fried rosti comes with distinct indents of a waffle.


Out of three different flavours, the most famous one is the Beef Roffles ($12.80) featuring a house-marinated meat patty, scrambled eggs, melted cheese, and sour cream stacked between the roffles. We liked the oniony fragrance of the marinade and the juiciness of the beef a lot.


If you like truffles, you can also get Chicken Roffle ($10.80) with Truffle Aioli for an extra $3. This comes with a choice of grilled or fried chicken. We got ours fried to maximise the crispiness from both the rosti and the fried chicken batter.


Roffles aside, the mains include regular rosti. The Lamb Dinner ($13.80) is one example, which is served in a plastic basket filled with rosti, waffles, pre-cut pieces of lamb chop, sour cream, and coleslaw. This might be a somewhat random assortment of food, but the fluffy waffles soaked the lamb gravy really well! Plus, the lamb meat did not taste gamey at all, so you know it’s good quality stuff.


BTW, the cafe got their name from the way their drinks are sealed in these plastic cans. We tried the Matcha Latte ($7.50) first, which tasted heavier on the milk with mild earthy notes of matcha.

I also got their Cold Brew Melon Oolong ($6.80) made using tea leaves from Gifel, an award-winning local tea brand.


The cafe serves rosti till 9:30pm. After that, the cafe turns into a bar, offering alcohol and small bites till 6am. The owner recommends visiting the cafe at night to soak in the lively atmosphere and enjoy the city lights in their full glory.

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Address: 139 Cecil Street, #16-01, YSY Building, Singapore 069539
Opening hours: Daily 11am to 6am
Seal is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Maisie Chong.
This was a media tasting at Seal.

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