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Shin Okaya Review: Ex-Sakae Sushi Chefs Sell Affordable Japanese Rice Bowls In Kallang

3rd January 2023

Shin Okaya has affordable Japanese rice bowls at Kallang

Shin Okaya - flatlay

Japanese food places are commonplace in our food centres, with hawker stores such as Nice Rice and Billion Bowls serving up wallet-friendly renditions of Japanese cuisine in neighbourhood spots. Recently, I learnt about Shin Okaya, a no-frills Japanese rice bowl stall located a stone’s throw away from Kallang MRT Station. As fans of Japanese food, my colleague and I decided to pay the stall a visit to see what they had on offer.

Shin Okaya - Store Front

Shin Okaya’s stall owners are former chefs of sushi chain Sakae Sushi, who decided to venture into entrepreneurship and start their own food stall, serving up high-quality Japanese rice bowls at affordable prices.

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Food at Shin Okaya

Shin Okaya - pork cutlet rice

We were spoiled for choice with their extensive menu, but eventually settled on the Pork Katsu Curry Rice ($8.90) to begin our meal with. When the dish was served, I caught a whiff of a mellow roasted fragrance, which immediately whetted my appetite. This curry sauce leans sweet—great for those with a low spice tolerance, and is kid-friendly too.

Shin Okaya - pork cutlet slices

The pork cutlet featured a fried golden breading and tender meat inside, which complemented the savoury curry gravy well.

Shin Okaya - pork belly don

Next up was the Pork Belly Don ($7.90), which comprised generous pork belly slices and a wobbly onsen egg atop fluffy pearl rice. I was enticed simply by the presentation of the dish itself, and the surprising perfume of truffle oil, which got me excited to dig in.

Shin Okaya - pork belly close up

On top of mixing the onsen egg yolk with the tender pork belly slices, the earthy notes of truffle oil added a depth of flavour to every bite. Combining that with the nutty crunch of sesame seeds made for a rice bowl which was a total win for me.

Shin Okaya - Salmon mentaiko rice

Following up was the Salmon Mentaiko Don ($9.90), with the star of this dish being the aburi-ed salmon, generously blanketed with creamy mentaiko sauce.

Shin Okaya - Salmon close up

The salmon was meltingly soft, to which my colleague squealed with ecstasy and insisted on having all of it. I appreciated how the mentaiko was torched well, which gave it an umami, smoky taste. Although it was a little too salty for me, the assorted greens on the side brilliantly balanced out the overall flavour of the bowl.

Shin Okaya - mentaiko fries

As if three rice bowls were not enough for us, we ambitiously ordered their Mentaiko Fries ($5.90) to complete our meal. It came in a hearty portion, and the fries were satisfyingly crisp. 

Shin Okaya - mentaiko fries close up

Although it looked promising, we were rather let down when we realised there was little mentaiko sauce for the fries at the bottom. If we could have gotten more mentaiko sauce on the side to dip them in, that would have been perfect.

Ambience at Shin Okaya

Shin Okaya - ambience

Shin Okaya is located in Food Haven Coffeeshop, a three-minute walk from Kallang MRT Station. The breezy coffeeshop is considerably spacious, so you should not have a problem getting a seat. The stall is also situated right in the middle of the coffeeshop━ it’s hard to miss their prominent signage, showcasing the stall’s numerous offerings. 

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The verdict

shin okaya - verdict shot

Not only are Shin Okaya’s rice bowls affordable and tasty, they are also filling━you’ll be sure to get your money’s worth! I might choose to skip the sides if I am here alone, but it would be a great addition to your meal if you’re coming down with a friend. Be sure to check them out if you’re ever around Kallang. 

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Address: 5 Upper Boon Keng Road, #01-22/25, Food Haven Coffeeshop, Singapore 380005
Opening hours: Daily 11am to 9pm
Shin Okaya is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Hui Hui Lau.
This was an independent visit by

Shin Okaya Review: Japanese Rice Bowl Stall By Ex-Sake Sushi Chefs
  • 7.5/10
    Shin Okaya Review: Japanese Rice Bowl Stall By Ex-Sakae Sushi Chefs - 7.5/10



– Affordable rice bowls priced below $10 
– Conveniently located five minutes away from Kallang MRT Station


– Not enough mentaiko sauce for the fries

Recommended dishes: Pork Belly Don ($7.90), Mentaiko Salmon Don ($9.90)

Opening hours: Daily 11am to 9pm

Address: Block 5 Upper Boon Keng Road, #01-22/25, Food Haven Coffeeshop, Singapore 380005

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