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SIXBYSERA Review: Chilli Crab, Milo Dinosaur, And Cheesecake Croissants At Farrer Park

27th June 2017

SIXBYSERA puts familiar fare into croissants

Update: SIXBYSERA is now permanently closed.

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If you ask me what my ideal date involves, my immediate answer would be indulging in a slow weekend brunch at a quiet cafe, and having endless conversations while enjoying the food. The new SIXBYSERA offers just that, with their savoury donuts and interesting croissants.

Tucked in a quiet spot along Rangoon Road away from other bustling cafes, all the dishes at this five-month-old cafe are priced at $13 or less, so don’t worry about burning too big a hole in your pocket if you’re intending to pay for bae’s meal!    

SIXBYSERA - Chilli Crab Croissants At Rangoon Road
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SIXBYSERA - Chilli Crab Croissants At Rangoon Road


sixbysera - chilli crab coissant 1

As an avid croissant lover who enjoys trying various unique croissants with my mum, chilli crab croissant is not new to me. SIXBYSERA’s Chilli Crab Sauce ($11.90) is, however, presented in an entirely different manner from the usual. This weekend special has a croissant sliced in half and placed atop a pool of chilli crab sauce, complete with a sunny side up.

sixbysera - chilli crab croissant

Buttery and flaky, this croissant is exactly what a good croissant should be. Though left sitting in the sauce for a while, it still managed to retain its fluffy interior and crisp exterior.

The chilli crab sauce took on a reddish-orange hue, and was thickened with laces of swirled egg. Taste-wise, it bordered on the tangy side with just a slight kick from red chilli. I thoroughly enjoyed dunking the croissant into the zhup, and it definitely made a great alternative to mantou!

sixbysera - milo croissant 1

Even though this Milo Dinosaur Croissant ($5.90) looks rather simple, with just Milo powder and nuggets topped on it, its highlight was on the inside.

sixbysera - milo croissant

One bite, and I was pleasantly surprised by the Milo cream that oozed out between all the layers of buttery pastry. The light and airy mousse-like cream was not the least bit cloying, and its Milo flavour was heightened with bits of crunchy Milo crumble and a dash of Milo powder. This dish, in my opinion, would make even Nathan Hartono proud!

sixbysera - cheesecake dinosaur croissant

What seemed like cheesecake frosting was stuffed within a slit down the centre of Cheesecake Croissant ($6.60). Crushed digestive biscuits were added on top of the frosting.

sixbysera - cheesecake coissant filling

The cheesecake frosting vaguely reminded me of cookie dough, but with a lighter and creamier consistency. Other than imparting a nice crunch, the digestive biscuits gave the dish a slight saltiness, which complemented the sweet cheesecake frosting.  

sixbysera - smoked salmon croissant

Besides croissants, SIXBYSERA also serves a variety of savoury donuts. Truffle Smoked Salmon Donut ($2.90) boasts the classic combi one can never go wrong with – smoked salmon and cream cheese. Besides adding a nice fragrance, the hint of truffle oil also accentuated the savouriness of the smoked salmon. Meanwhile, the dill leaves imparted a delicate, earthy taste, cutting through the rich cream cheese.

sixbysera - cheeseburger donut

Cheeseburger Donut ($2.90) was quite a hassle to eat, with minced beef falling everywhere before I could get a proper mouthful. To add on to the disappointment, the beef was crumbly and dry. Some sauce, perhaps just ketchup or mustard, would have made this donut a whole lot better, and also live up to that cheeseburger title.

I’m all about that #cheesepull, but the meagre slice of cheese plastered on the top was nothing like the ooey-gooey melted cheddar I’ve come to associate with a cheeseburger.

sixbysera - savoury donuts

Though explicitly mentioned in its name, I couldn’t taste the maple in Maple Bacon Donut ($2.90). Nonetheless, being a sucker for bacon errthang, I thoroughly enjoyed the smokiness from the crisp bacon, which was coupled with stringy mozzarella cheese.

Though these bite-sized snacks are called donuts, they took on more of a bagel-like texture. If you’re one who loves traditional deep-fried donuts that are airy and fluffy, you might want to give these a miss.  

Ambience at SIXBYSERA

sixbysera - ambience

Less than a 10-minute walk away from Exit B of Farrer Park MRT Station, SIXBYSERA occupies a small area and has a minimalist interior. There aren’t many seats, so be sure to head down early to get a good table. Sit near their blue wall if you want a good backdrop for selfies with your date, or grab a spot by the window if you’re all about that #foodporn and want good lighting for your dish.

The verdict

sixbysera - 1

A buttery, rich pastry is one of my top weaknesses, and I can never say no to a good croissant. Considering the cafe’s prices and location, I’ll definitely head down again, and with my mum the next time.

If you’re down for some cafe-hopping adventure around the area, check out Enchanted Cafe that boasts a magical, fairy-tale theme along with unique dishes.

Address: 89 Rangoon Road, #01-03, Urban Loft, Singapore 218375
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 10am to 9pm
Tel: 9652 8141
SIXBYSERA is not a halal cafe.

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  • 8/10
    - 8/10


– Convenient location
– No GST or service charge
– Good service
– Interesting take on croissants

– Savoury donuts didn’t taste like donuts
– Small space with few seats

Recommended Dishes: Milo Dinosaur Croissant ($5.90), Cheesecake Croissant ($6.60), Chilli Crab Sauce ($11.90)

Operating Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday 10am to 9pm

9652 8141

Address: 89 Rangoon Road, #01-03, Urban Loft, Singapore 218375

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