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Breakfast Club Review: Hawker Stall Has Cafe Breakfast And Rosti From $5.90 At Kovan

22nd January 2021

Breakfast Club serves cheap Western breakfast at Kovan

A quick Google search will show you that The Breakfast Club was originally a coming-of-age movie that came out way back in 1985, centred around a group of high school kids serving detention together. Tripping to Kovan one Friday morning, however, it was to satisfy my stomach, rather than the film geek in me when I visited Breakfast Club.


Wallet-friendly brunch food is a claim that not many can stand up to, but Breakfast Club does well on this front, with nothing on its menu running over $10. With its location just a couple metres down the road from the popular Lola’s Cafe, Breakfast Club certainly makes stiff competition on the price front.

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Food at Breakfast Club

Faced with a menu split into Breakfast Sets, and Club Classics, I decided to go for a selection from both. I started with the Breakfast Plate ($9.90), and opted for the extra-crispy Bacon ($2) add-on.

the breakfast club breakfast plate

A breakfast plate like this would easily set you back at least double what it costs here, if you have it in a cafe. Credit goes to Breakfast Club for the generous-sized sausage, and the variety of food on this platter. There are even cherry tomatoes which add a pop of colour, and vitamin C, to your breakfast.

scrambled eggs

The eggs were nicely scrambled, though a touch under-seasoned. For $9.90, I wouldn’t gripe that the hash brown and baked beans aren’t made in-house.


If you aren’t of the sourdough-loving party, and hate its inclusion on your breakfast plates, Breakfast Club does you a favour and includes French Toast ($3) in theirs. This is fried to order, and I recommend eating it while it’s fresh. Douse it, and everything else if you’d like, liberally in the maple-flavoured syrup.

the breakfast club rosti with sausage and egg

I saw good reviews on the Rosti with Sausage and Egg ($8.90) here, but it fell somewhat short. The rosti, made in-house, was a little undercooked, with shreds of potato that were still crunchy.

This dish had a different sausage from the one we had in the Breakfast Plate. It’s a little touch that speaks of care for the menu, since the slightly more herbaceous sausage here went well with this dish.

the breakfast club chicken chop

For mains, I went for a classic Chicken Chop ($7.90), a hefty boneless chicken leg slathered in brown sauce.

chicken chop

Seared to order, the chicken chop was thoroughly flavourful─it’s your usual coffeeshop Western fare. This came with a side of fries, and a scoop of Potato Salad that’s priced at $3.50 ala carte, or $2.50 with any order of a main.

Ambience at Breakfast Club

ambience the breakfast club

Breakfast Club is located in a corner kopitiam just a two-minute walk from Kovan MRT Station. This walk is not sheltered, though, as much as it’s convenient. The kopitiam, while airy, is not far away from the busy road, and we had a garbage truck stop right next to us when we were there. Seats are also limited, and shared amongst the five stalls in this kopitiam, which gets busy at lunch.

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The verdict

verdict the breakfast club

Newly established just last year, Breakfast Club definitely takes the fanciness out of cafe dining. There’s no need to dress for the ‘gram, make reservations, or wait in line for a table and pay $30 for scrambled eggs on avo toast.

While there remain elements on the menu which need improvement, Breakfast Club is certainly a spot you can drop by if you live nearby, to satisfy that all-day brunch craving in a pinch without busting your budget.

If you’re in the area, check out Ng Kuan Chilli Pan Mee, which sells chilli pan mee till 2:30am. Alternatively, check out our list of 10 gorgeous restaurants in parks for your weekend brunch!

Address: 941 Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 534709
Opening hours: Wed-Mon 9am to 9pm
Tel: 8292 9478
Breakfast Club is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Sherlyn Teo.
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Breakfast Club Review: Hawker Stall Has Cafe Breakfast And Rosti From $3.90 At Kovan
  • 6.5/10
    The Breakfast Club Review: French Toast, Big Breakfast And More From $3.90 At Kovan - 6.5/10


– Convenient location
– Affordable prices

– Rosti was slightly undercooked
– Food was underwhelming

Recommended dishes: Breakfast Plate ($9.90), Chicken Chop ($7.90)

Opening hours: Wed-Mon 9am to 9pm

Address: 941 Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 534709

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