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Xiang Yu Pan Fried Bun Review: Handmade Prawn Sheng Jian Bao And XLB In Jurong West

5th April 2024

Xiang Yu Pan Fried Bun is run by an ex-restaurant chef in Jurong 


I’ll let you in on a little secret here at Eatbook: we love Chinese food, especially handmade dumplings and bao. Now and then I would hear a colleague ask me, “Can you help me dabao chilli oil dumplings from the nearby hawker centre?”. It’s like we could eat them every week. So when my colleagues suggested Xiang Yu Pan Fried Bun for me to review, my initial thoughts were, “Oh, of course. I trust them to know where the good spots are. “


The resume of the chef-owner, Mr Tao Hong, was impressive. Mr Tao told me he had been making both Northern and Southern steamed goods in China before coming to Singapore in 2002. Here, he worked in Crystal Jade restaurants making dim sum for eight years, then in Paradise Dynasty for 12 years. TLDR: he has experience in two iconic Chinese restaurants in Singapore! 

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Food at Xiang Yu Pan Fried Bun


Xiang Yu was unlike other xiao long bao (XLB) stalls where we had to wait for some time for the buns to be made and steamed. The buns were freshly made but we still got them right after we paid for our food. The Pan-Fried Prawn Bun ($5.50) was served so quickly because the owner was making these on the fly, pan-frying them even before anyone placed an order. 


Once I took the first bite, the juice in this prawn bun was bursting into my mouth. This filling consisted of prawn chunks mixed with lightly marinated minced pork. This combination, along with the thick yet crispy pan-fried dough, gave the buns an interesting texture. The buns were crispy on the outside, while the filling was juicy on the inside. The filling also became extra flavourful when I added the garlicky chilli oil that they provided on the side.  


The addition of prawns and the light marinade of the filling reminded me of Cantonese cuisine, like the prawns in siew mai and shui jiao in wonton mee. When I asked the owner about the resemblance, he told me that he included this lesser-seen dish on the menu to better suit the palate of Singaporean customers as he noticed that we preferred lighter-tasting foods.  


For comparison, we got the Pan-Fried Pork Bun ($4.50) as well. The marinade of the minced pork in this bun was different from the one in the prawn bun as it had a dark soya sauce base. Despite the darker colour, it wasn’t heavy on the palate. The dark soya sauce did not overpower the natural umami flavour of pork. 


Since they specialise in XLB too, we had to get their Xiao Long Bao ($5). TBH, there wasn’t enough meat in each bao, which was a shame because the meat went so well with the vinegar. But I must commend that the skin did not break off easily, which made it easy to grab the bao with my chopsticks without worrying that the juices would spill. 


Lastly, my colleague and I were also excited to try the Pork Wanton In Chilli Oil ($5.50). This chilli oil sauce was spicier than it was vinegary, and the “ma” AKA numbing spiciness in the mala seasoning was quite palpable. The bouncy and chewy wonton skin also absorbed the sauce well. 


The filling was a juicy mixture of minced pork and bok choy. When paired with crunchy garlic flakes, these little morsels were packed with even more flavour. Mr Tao also told me he chose a specific bok choy supplier to ensure the best quality for his customers. For folks who do not like the texture or taste of vegetables, you would be glad to know that you won’t really notice them when chowing down on the dumplings.   

He also told me that this dish was inspired by the dumplings in Paradise Dynasty. He tweaked the recipe for locals because he felt that the ones served at the restaurant were more suited to the palates of the native Chinese. 

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Ambience at Xiang Yu Pan Fried Bun


Xiang Yu Pan Fried Bun is located at JW50 Hawker Heritage, a newly renovated food centre in place of the former Jurong West Hawker Centre. The hawker centre is well-lit and very cool thanks to the fans installed at almost every corner. 

The hawker centre is an eight-minute walk away from Pioneer MRT Station. This place makes for a good after-class spot for NTU students as the Campus Rider stops right in front of the station. If you visit for lunch, do remember to bring an umbrella as the walk can be very hot and sunny. 

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The verdict


All in all, lunch at Xiang Yu Pan Fried Bun was enjoyable. I appreciated Mr Tao sharing with me about how he became an XLB stall owner. Just as he told me the difference between the taste preferences of Chinese customers and Singaporean customers, I could tell that each dish was a reflection of his extensive experience. 

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Address: 50 Jurong West Street 61 #02-18, JW50 Hawker Heritage, Singapore 648202
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 11am to 3:30pm, 5pm to 8:30pm
Xiang Yu Pan Fried Bun is not a halal-certified eatery.

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Photos taken by Casandra Nicholas.
This was an independent review by Eatbook.sg

Xiang Yu Pan Fried Bun Review: Handmade Prawn Sheng Jian Bao And XLB In Jurong West
  • 8/10
    Xiang Yu Pan Fried Bun Review: Handmade Prawn Sheng Jian Bao And XLB In Jurong West - 8/10


Super experienced chef
Juicy sheng jian bao

– Not enough meat in the xiao long bao
– Quite far from the MRT Station

Recommended dishes: Pork Wanton In Chilli Oil ($5.50), Pan-Fried Prawn Bun ($5.50)

Opening hours: Tue-Sun 11am to 3:30pm, 5pm to 8:30pm

Address: 50 Jurong West Street 61, #02-18, JW50 Hawker Heritage, Singapore 648202

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