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Anri Bakery Opens In Takashimaya With Famous Apple Pie

19th January 2024

Anri Bakery opens in Singapore with famous apple pie


Originating from Osaka, Anri Bakery is best known for their apple pies and pastries. Now, they’ve opened their first Singaporean store in Takashimaya, which was also where they were boothing at the summer food fair last year.

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We’re not sure what their exact menu offerings are at the moment, but we’ll update this post with the details when we have them. For the time being though, we can refer to their website and existing outlets in Thailand to get a good idea of what might be available. 


One item that we can definitely expect to be on the menu is their signature Aomori Apple Pie (TBD). They’re made exclusively with apples from Aomori prefecture, which have a distinct sweetness and juiciness that have earned them the title of “world’s best apples”. 

signature-big-apple-pie-group-photoImage credit: Anri Bakery Thailand

If you just can’t get enough of their apple pie, order a Big Apple Pie (TBD) and enjoy a full-sized version of their signature dish. Freshly baked in a 15cm diameter pie dish, it’s said to be equivalent to five servings of the Aomori Apple Pie.

Chocolate lovers can have the Chocolate Aomori Apple Pie (TBD) too, a unique option that adds chocolate cream to the famous apple pie. 


Besides apple pies, the bakery also offers a range of other bakes. The Purple Sweet Potato Pie (TBD), for instance, features extra flaky pastry filled with purple sweet potato paste. Custard Cream Cornet (TBD), on the other hand, is a conical puff pastry filled with a house-made custard cream. 

mini-croissantsImage credit: Anri Bakery Thailand

Those who want something lighter can have some Mini Croissants (TBD): cute, bite-sized croissants that are great for sharing. From the looks of it, they come in servings of 10, with a choice of two flavours: butter and chocolate. 

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Address: 391 Orchard Rd, B2 (near Cold Storage checkout), Takashimaya Food Hall, Singapore 238873
Opening hours: TBD
Anri Bakery is not a halal-certified eatery.

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