Chilli Crab Onigiri Returns At All 7-Eleven Stores For Just $2.50
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Chilli Crab Onigiri Returns At All 7-Eleven Stores For Just $2.50

17th August 2020

Chilli Crab Onigiri at 7-Eleven

It seems like locally inspired onigiri is set to make waves at 7-Eleven. Hot on the heels of their chicken rice onigiri, which was launched last month, the convenience store chain is reintroducing their Chilli Crab Onigiri after a two-year break.

Image credit: Hazeeq Sukri

7-Eleven Now Has Chicken Rice Onigiri For $2.50 At All Stores

Priced at $2.50 a pop, the snack contains fluffy Japanese rice enveloping a chunk of crab meat and piquant chilli crab sauce. Having tried the onigiri, I was surprised by how legit it tasted. The sauce had a tart sweetness that is characteristic of chilli crab. The snack was also only very mildly spicy, making it palatable even for those with a low spice tolerance. My only complaint is that they could have been more generous with the sauce.

Although there is only one piece of crab meat in each onigiri, it was thick and juicy, with just the right amount of brininess so as to not overpower the sauce. All in all, the Chilli Crab Onigiri is a decent treat while waiting for your next trip to a zi char stall.

Image credit: 7-Eleven Singapore’s Facebook page

From now till 1 September 2020, you can score deals on the Chilli Crab Onigiri and other goodies. Simply buy two pieces of the onigiri or mix-and-match it with the Chicken Rice, Hanjuku Egg, Unagi, or Chicken Luncheon Meat with Egg onigiri, to get them at $4.50! With this deal, each onigiri costs less than $2.30.

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So head to your nearest 7-Eleven outlet now to get your hands on this local-inspired snack. While you’re there, be sure to check out other exciting items such as BTS coffee and more. If you’re craving for actual chilli crab, check out our list of affordable chilli crab stalls, where you can nom on this legendary dish for as low as $24++ per crab!

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