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This New Hillview Cafe Has Mini Handbag Cakes And Desserts Served On A Carousel

10th July 2023

Cotelato is a new dessert cafe in Hillview

Cotelato-ambience (1)

A stone’s throw away from Hillview MRT Station is Cotelato, a new dessert cafe opened by the same owner behind SPRUCE. Good news, this cafe is slated to open its doors today, 10 July 2023. From enjoying a cup of tea that literally blooms like a flower, to trying out a variety of cakes served on a moving carousel, Cotelato offers an experience like no other for those with a sweet tooth. 

Cotelato-break-the-blossom (5)

For an interactive dessert experience, their Break the Blossom ($16++) will get the ball rolling. 

Cotelato-red-hot-chocolate-flavour (6)

There’s the Red Hot Chocolate flavour, which features a bright red chocolate shell, and a red velvet cake with tangy cream cheese frosting hidden within. Simply break open the ball with the wooden hammer provided

Cotelato-break-the-blossom-mystic-white-chocolate (8)

This dessert also comes in two other flavours: Mystic White Chocolate and Surprise Black Chocolate. The former features a creamy raspberry shortcake with a handful of fresh raspberries, while the latter is a tiramisu-flavoured treat that contains alcohol. 

Cotelato-whimsical-carousel (2)

Alternatively, go for the Whimsical Carousel ($24++), a scene-stealer served on a rotating merry-go-round with lights and music. You can expect six assorted cakes on the carousel: Double Chocolate, Brownie, Baked Cheese Tart, Carrot Cake, Non-baked Cheese Tartlets, and Coffee, and Chocolate Mousse. This show-stopping dessert is a great choice for those who appreciate variety and makes for the perfect addition to your gram.

Cotelato-the-golden-rosa (9)

When art meets dessert, you get The Golden Rosa ($18++). Beautifully crafted with freshly made crepes to form two stalks of roses, this plated dessert comprises layers of caramel sauce and hazelnut praline hidden within the folds. Drizzle over the orange caramel sauce sparingly—a little goes a long way!

Cotelato-pink-lava-overflow (12)

Another work of art is the Pinky Lava ($16++), which features two fluffy hotcakes generously glazed with strawberry cream cheese.

Cotelato-pinky-lava-with-strawberry-cream (13)

Get your camera ready as the stream of berry-infused cream will drench the hotcakes within seconds as soon as the plastic sheet is removed. 

Cotelato-surprise-package-designer-handbag-cake (14)

Handbag enthusiasts can try the Surprise Package ($48). Each cake is elaborately designed to resemble a luxurious handbag, and there’s fun in figuring out which brand the bag was inspired by. 

Currently, there are three different designs, which change every two months. You can even pre-order the Surprise Package for your loved ones for special occasions. 

Cotelato-blooming-tea-lady-rose (4)

Cleanse your palate in between bites with their Blooming Tea Lady Rose ($10++). The flower ball blooms open when it comes into contact with water, and when it’s fully steeped, you get a fragrant tea with refreshing floral notes. 

Cotelato-gelato (10)

In commemoration of their grand opening, Cotelato is offering a free scoop of gelato with every dessert purchased. This will be limited to 50 customers each day, and is available only on 10 and 11 July.

For more cafes to visit at Hillview, check out Coexist Coffee, which has reopened with otah you tiao, satay quesadilla and more. Alternatively, you can visit Wang Family Kitchen, a Korean restaurant also at Hillview that has $18.90 set menus.

Address: 4 Hillview Rise, #01-01, HillV2, Singapore 667979
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10.30am to 10.30pm, Sat-Sun 9am to 10.30pm
Cotelato is not a halal-certified eatery.

Coexist Coffee Is Reopening At Hillview With Otah You Tiao, Satay Quesadilla And More

Photos taken by Chew Yi En.
This was a media tasting at Cotelato.

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