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Genki Sushi Has New Truffle Wagyu Sushi For A Limited Time Only

16th June 2023

Genki Sushi has new Wagyu sushi series

genki sushi - mega truffle wagyu

Wagyu season has arrived at Genki Sushi for a limited time only, with the popular chain sushi joint presenting a selection of seven different Wagyu-centric items from now till 23 July 2023. Choose from two different kinds of Wagyu: A5 Satsuma Wagyu from the Minami Satsuma Valley in Kagoshima, Japan, or Australian Wagyu with marbling scores of M6 to M7!

For an extra dose of indulgence, Genki Sushi has zhnged up their A5 Satsuma Wagyu with Italian truffle oil—each slice is sous vide at 58ºC for an hour to infuse the earthy flavour of the prized mushroom into the beef. Start with the Mega Truffle Wagyu ($7.90++), where the truffle ante is turned up with an additional dollop of truffle paste on the truffle-infused, torched Wagyu.

genki sushi - truffle wagyu tsutsumi

Chase that with a Truffle Wagyu Tsutsumi ($5.90++)—where the truffled beef sits on a small rice ball, on a square of nori. This is topped with thinly sliced negi, AKA leek, for a burst of freshness in the mouth.

genki sushi - spicy truffle wagyu tsutsumi

If you don’t like negi, go for the Spicy Truffle Wagyu Tsutsumi ($5.90++) instead. The negi is replaced by a lightly spicy Japanese 辣油 (là yóu), otherwise more commonly known as layu, or rayu. This comes complete with crispy garlic chips, adding that garlicky, umami kick.

genki sushi - sukiyaki wagyu

Moving on from the A5 Satsuma Wagyu, there are the Australian Wagyu choices, which have a meatier flavour. Go for Sukiyaki Wagyu ($4.20++), where the slice of beef is cooked in a house-made sukiyaki sauce, lending the meat sweet-savoury notes.

genki sushi - wagyu with yuzu kosho

For something with a brighter flavour, go for Wagyu with Yuzu Kosho ($4.20++), a Japanese paste made with fresh chillies and fermented with yuzu zest and juice.

genki sushi - wagyu maki

For some variation, check out the duo of Wagyu Maki ($9.90++), with a centre of cucumber and tamago. This pair of maki comes with torched Australian Wagyu, and each is respectively topped with spicy mayo and fried leeks.

genki sushi - wagyu mini don

End your Wagyu meal at Genki Sushi with a Wagyu Mini Don ($9.90++), perfect to quell that last bit of peckishness after all that sushi, with lashings of a rich, moreish gravy on short grain rice.

genki sushi - wagyu mini don spoon

This comes with slices of Australian Wagyu, shimeji mushrooms and caramelised onions, which lend it some sweetness.

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Genki Sushi is not a halal-certified eatery

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Photos taken by Michelle P and edited by Melvin Mak.
This was a media tasting at Genki Sushi.

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