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Shubby Sweets Review: Muslim-Owned Dessert Shop With Snickers Cheesecake And Nutella Blondie

22nd May 2018

Shubby Sweets is here at Bedok

shubby sweets flatlay

We’re all aware that the price for indulgence doesn’t come cheap. And so, my colleague and I arrived at Muslim-owned dessert corner, Shubby Sweets, with a determination to just get the most attractive sweets here. Upon seeing their display of cakes though, we couldn’t help ordering more than we should have. The sugar rush that quickly followed was no joke.

Halal Dessert Joint In Bedok
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Halal Dessert Joint In Bedok

Food at Shubby Sweets

shubby sweets brownies

The bite-sized brownies and blondies here at Shubby Sweets aren’t sold a la carte. We had to get them in a box of five at $7.50, and pick five flavours out of the six available.

Wanting to be a little adventurous, I went for the Speculoos Biscoff Blondies, Magic Fudgy Brownies, Red Velvet Brownies, Nutella Blondies and Salted Caramel PB Blondies, with the exception of the Sticky Chewy Brownies.

shubby sweets nutella blondies

The minute I took in that oozing Nutella core, I knew I had to try the Nutella Blondie first. The top of the blondie was drizzled in Nutella, and sprinkled with crushed peanuts. As soon as my teeth sunk past the thin layer of vanilla pastry, my senses were flooded with a velvety richness.

You know how shabu-shabu restaurants provide raw eggs as a dip on the side? You consume the egg in minute amounts, so you can appreciate the buttery texture it gives your food. However, you don’t down it all at once. Similarly, while the nutty hazelnut chocolate filling was pure decadence, I couldn’t help but find it a little too much, a little too raw. I would’ve preferred if there was a more balanced cake-to-Nutella ratio.

shubby sweets red velvet brownies

I settled on the Red Velvet Brownie next. This one was a lot more evenly flavoured, and more dense than fudgy. 

shubby sweets speculoos biscoff blondies

I found the Speculoos Biscoff Blondie more cookie than cake. Hard and biscuity, this crumbly little slab of saccharine sin sweetened with every bite.

shubby sweets salted caramel pb blondies

The Salted Caramel PB Blondie tasted a lot like the compressed version of the peanut filling in min jiang kueh, save for the chocolatey Nutella and salty caramelised syrup drizzled over the top.

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shubby sweets magic fudgy brownies

Finally, I came to the Magic Fudgy Brownie. My personal favourite, it was a classic brownie, with an added oomph. Cookie crumbles made for the top layer, contrasting nicely with the soft, moist cake within.

shubby sweets blueberry cheesecake choux

We couldn’t leave without getting one of their famous choux (pronounced shoo) puffs. We got a Blueberry Cheesecake Choux ($3.50 for one, $10 for three), which we heard is popular. You’re advised to consume the choux within a day, as it tends to go bad quickly.

shubby sweets choux gif

The choux was topped with a swirl of fluffy whipped cream, a dollop of blueberry compote and a sprinkle of milk crumbs. We tore the pastry open slowly to capture that #foodporn. True enough, a delightful burst of cream cheese came flowing out.

This cream puff was one of the best I’d had in ages. The creamy filling was light and milky, while the dough enveloping it was both crisp and chewy. I was so tempted to try the other flavours available, but we already exceeded our sugar quota of the day.

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shubby sweets snickers cheesecake

We moved on to one of the most interesting desserts Shubby Sweets had on display – Snickers Cheesecake ($7.90). The thick cheesecake was drenched in a gooey layer of salted caramel and halved peanuts, which dripped tantalisingly along the edges. We were told that this treat wasn’t made with actual Snickers.

shubby sweets snickers

Here’s a little close-up of the sticky syrup to send your stomach growling.

shubby sweets cheesecake

The cheesecake, which came with chocolate marbling, tasted a little too jelak for me. Just a few spoonfuls, and I was done. The caramel sauce, on the other hand, was really addictive. It was salty-sweet, with a slightly bitter aftertaste. It was the reason I kept coming back for seconds.

shubby sweets earl grey tiramisu

Finally, we finished off with the Earl Grey Tea-ramisu ($6.50). Now, this cake was the physical definition of moist.

shubby sweets tiramisu filling

The tiramisu was covered in milk chocolate shavings, and the ladyfingers were coated in layers of Earl Grey mascarpone, giving it a creamy texture. I was pleased to find that the tiramisu wasn’t sugary sweet like all the other desserts I’d had preceding it. Everything about it was pillowy and mild.

Ambience at Shubby Sweets

shubby sweets ambience

Do note that Shubby Sweets only does takeaways. No seats are available here, although your desserts will be neatly packed into boxes or plastic containers for you to enjoy elsewhere. Apart from baked goods, Shubby Sweets also sells pretty household items including picture frames and dishes.

My colleague and I were quite impressed by the minimalistic, contemporary set-up in the air-conditioned store. It stood out to us amidst all the other convenience stores dotting the sleepy neighbourhood.

The verdict

shubby sweets the verdict

Shubby Sweets takes the cake – no pun intended. While I’ll never order so many things at one go again, I’ll definitely return for more. They switch things up on their menu every week, so stay tuned to their Facebook page for any announcements. If you’re lucky, you might get to try other interesting treats such as their Smores Choux and Gula Melaka Cheesecake!

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Address: 42 Chai Chee Street, #01-68, Singapore 461042
Opening hours: Wed-Fri 1:30pm to 6:30pm, Sat-Sun 12:30pm to 6:30pm
Tel: 8419 9614
Shubby Sweets is a Muslim-owned dessert shop.

This is an independent review by 

  • 7.5/10
    - 7.5/10


– Affordable
– Pretty and tasty
– Unique flavours

– Can be jelak
– No seats available

Recommended dishes: Earl Grey Tea-ramisu ($6.50), Magic Fudgy Brownies (five for $7.50), Blueberry Cheesecake Choux (1 for $3.50, 3 for $10)

Opening hours: Wed-Fri 1:30pm to 6:30pm, Sat-Sun 12:30pm to 6:30pm

Address: 42 Chai Chee Street, #01-68, Singapore 461042

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