Sssan.doh: Home-Based Business Selling Trendy Japanese Sandwiches With Beef Katsu And Truffle Egg Mayo
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Sssan.doh: Home-Based Business Selling Trendy Japanese Sandwiches With Beef Katsu And Truffle Egg Mayo

23rd December 2021

Sssan.doh for thick Japanese sandos 

sssan.doh flatlay
Image credit: @sabz_public

When it comes to good sandos, AKA thick Japanese sandwiches, you can’t go wrong with sssan.doh‘s aesthetically pleasing versions. Run by two university students, the home-based business has garnered a decent following for their ‘gram-worthy sandos that are packed to the brim. 

sssan.doh truffle
Image credit: @hourlyfoodie

The Truffle Tamago Sando ($12) is one of the best-selling items on sssan.doh‘s menu. It’s densely packed with an egg mayo filling, topped with a hanjuku egg, and sandwiched between two shokupan charcoal toasts. If you’re unfamiliar with shokupan, it’s a fluffy Japanese milk bread with a subtle sweetness. This sando is also topped with fish roe for pops of umami, and flavoured with white truffle oil.

sssan doh chicken sando
Image credit: @sssan.doh

Their Chic-A-Crunch Sando ($14) comes with buttermilk fried chicken, dill pickles, cheddar cheese, and is slathered with their secret sauce. This thick slab of sandwich is also packed densely, so big eaters won’t have to worry about not feeling full. The buttermilk fried chicken is said to be tender and juicy, while the pickles remain fresh and crunchy.

sssan doh beef katsu sando
Image credit: @sssan.doh

If chicken is not your go-to, you can try the Gyu Katsu Sando ($15), which features a thick slab of lightly battered striploin beef, cooked perfectly with a slightly pinkish centre, and packed with purple coleslaw. Instead of shokupan, they use brioche buns here, slathering them in their signature smoked tonkatsu sauce for extra flavour. You can also top-up $1 to get red cheddar in your sandwich.

Besides sandos, the IG business offers coffee and seasonal drinks, including Eggnog ($10/$27) and Orange Mocha ($6.50), subject to availability. All of their sandos are done by pre-order only, so if you want to get your hands on any of the aforementioned flavours, make sure to keep a lookout on their Instagram page for any updates. 

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Featured image adapted from @sssan.doh.




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