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6 Tsukemen Spots To Get A Delicious Dry Ramen Fix When It’s Too Hot For Soup

22nd August 2017

Tsukemen joints to visit for bouncy dry ramen

Just about anybody can love a comforting bowl of warm, soupy ramen. But in sunny Singapore, it can be a little difficult to enjoy hot soup while you’re battling it out with the sweltering heat and humidity.

But fret not fellow ramen lovers! We have a great alternative: tsukemen. Unlike the ramen many of us are used to, tsukemen is served with broth on the side, so you can dip the noodles into it before eating. It’s equally tasty and jam-packed with umami flavour. So to avoid all the accidental tongue burns that come with slurping up warm broth, here are six places to satisfy your dry ramen cravings!

1. Sanpoutei Ramen

Tsukemen - sanpoutei
Image credit: @baka_uma

Though the Tsukemen ($14.50++) at Sanpoutei Ramen looks pretty simple, the thick broth served on the side stands out. This unassuming bowl of broth is made with dried sardines and bonito, giving it a robust flavour. After you’re done with your chewy noodles, you’ll be able to add a plain soup stock to dilute the broth and drink everything up.

Address: 350 Orchard Road, #B1-04, Shaw House, Singapore 238868
Opening hours: Daily 11:30am to 11pm (last order at 10:30pm)
Tel: 6463 7277
Full list of outlets

2. Ramen Keisuke Kani King

Tsukemen - crab
Image credit: @eugrams

Ramen Keisuke Kani King is famous for their Crab Tsukemen ($13.90++). The flavourful broth has a delightful sweetness to it from the crab. Cloudy and slightly thick, the soup is substantial enough to cling onto each noodle without overpowering the palate. If you’re looking for a more filling option, they have an upgraded Crab Tsukemen Special ($18.90++) that also comes with tender slices of cha shu, a ramen egg, and bamboo shoots.

Address: 8 Grange Road, #01-03, Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, Singapore 239695
Opening hours: Mon-Thur 12pm to 3pm, 5pm to 10pm, Fri & eve of PH 12pm to 3pm, 5pm to 2am, Sat 12pm to 2am, Sun & PH 12pm to 10pm
Tel: 6262 6968
Website | Menu

3. Sapporo Ramen Miharu

Tsukemen - butter tsukemen
Image credit: @misterbenster

Sapporo Ramen Miharu has a small selection of tsukemen on their menu. Miso Tsuke-men ($14.50++) comes with slices of bamboo shoot, half an egg, and a bowl of rich miso soup to dip your bouncy noodles in. Those who prefer a spicy kick can opt for their Ookara Mao Butter Tsuke-men ($14.80++) which comes with spicy miso soup instead. The noodles even come with a small cube of butter to add a creamier texture to the dish.

Address: 9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-06, Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11:30am to 2:30pm, 6pm to 10pm, Sat-Sun 12pm to 3pm, 6pm to 10pm
Tel: 6733 8464

4. CookMee Ramen

Tsukemen - cookmee
Image credit: @double_chinchin

For a quick fix, head down to CookMee Ramen. Located at Raffles Xchange, it’s perfect for those extra kan cheong lunch hours when you need to gobble everything up. Their dry ramen, MuscleMen ($9.90), comes with shredded cucumber, bean sprouts, and a runny onsen egg. Those who can take the heat can opt for their Hebi-Hiam Chilli sauce. There’s no dipping broth for this, but you can go for their soup ramen if you want something a bit less dry. Their soup ramen comes in two bowls – one with noodles and the other with soup.

Address: 5 Raffles Place, #B1-32/33, Raffles Xchange, Singapore 048618
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11am to 9:30pm, Sat 9am to 4pm
Tel: 6636 4368

5. Kanshoku

Tsukemen - truffle
Image credit: @amandiboo

Truffle-obsessed foodies can flock to Kanshoku to get a bowl of Truffle Ramen Dry ($16.90++). This fragrant bowl combines the luxurious flavour of black truffle with the comforts of springy Hakata-style ramen noodles. While it has no dipping sauce as well, the runny onsen egg and fatty slices of cha shu make it a satisfying bowl of ramen to have any day.

Address: 277 Orchard Road, #01-06, Orchard Gateway, Singapore 238858
Opening hours: Daily 11am to 10pm
Tel: 6384 4770
Website | Full list of outlets

6. Menya Sakura

Tsukemen - menya sakura
Image credit: @meet__meat

Tonkotsu Tsukemen ($14.90++) from Menya Sakura is made with their signature Nagoya-style ramen, which is much chewier and thicker compared to the ramen most of us are familiar with. The noodles are served with a dipping soup made from rich and clear tonkotsu and seafood broth, combining delicious flavours from both land and sea. But be warned, those with a lighter palate may find this a tad too salty.

Address: 69 Boat Quay, Singapore 049857
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 11:30am to 10:30pm
Tel: 9469 3366

Super even without soup

Conclusion: ramen will always be satisfying, whether or not it comes in a bowl of piping hot broth. If old-school ramen soup will always be your thing, check out these cheap ramen places around Singapore. Alternatively, pop by Nantsuttei or Tsuta if you’re in town!

Featured image adapted from Instagram user @eugramspost.

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