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Waffl Review: Jurong East Cafe Open Till 1AM With Kimchi Chicken Waffles

29th May 2023

Waffl is a Muslim-owned cafe in Jurong East 


As a cafe enthusiast, I often come across the same ol’ food options at cafes I visit. Therefore, I am always on the lookout for interesting and unique concepts. When my colleague told me about Waffl, a Muslim-owned cafe that serves up waffle burgers, I was pretty excited, especially since they’ve received countless positive online reviews. Without delay, we headed down to the cafe to check it out. 


Before Waffl, there was SugaRush, a start-up that was supported by Temasek Polytechnic’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship programme. They sold pints of their gelato and locally inspired mini mooncakes for a while. Later, they set up a physical stall at Eatbox in 2021 and began experimenting with new innovations such as the waffle burger. 

Today, they take on a new name, Waffl, and have a cosy space located in a void deck along Jurong East Street. They even open till as late as 1am, which is good news for hungry night owls! 

Food at Waffl


We started off with the Spicy Chicken Waffl Burger ($9.90), which comes sandwiching a deep-fried chicken patty and lettuce, layered with mayonnaise and nacho cheese sauce. 


Biting into the chonky burger, I enjoyed the crisp exterior and soft, chewy interior of the waffle. Additionally, its faint sweetness complemented the spicy chicken and rich sauces. However, I found the chicken slightly too spicy for my liking, and the patty wasn’t as crispy as I would have preferred—though it was left out for a while during the shoot. 

Nonetheless, the tenderness of the meat made up for it, and I enjoyed the addition of the crisp lettuce and juicy tomatoes. Despite my minor reservations, this burger was my colleague’s favourite. 


The meal is served with a side of cheesy chips: lightly salted crispy potato chips drizzled with the same sauces as the burger. Although this wasn’t anything particularly special, my colleague found the chips to be an addictive accompaniment to the burger. 


Our next pick was the Kimchi Chicken Waffl Burger ($9.90), which features the same chicken patty as the previous burger, with an additional layer of crunchy kimchi, as well as nacho cheese sauce. 


I loved this because the sweet, spicy, and sour kimchi elevated the burger’s flavours, making it even more appetising. Meanwhile, the cheese sauce added to the patty’s savouriness and helped to offset its pepperiness. Without the mayonnaise of the previous burger, this one was also less heavy on the palate. 


While we were here, we definitely had to try their desserts. We got their bestselling Oreo Brookie ($5) topped with a scoop of their exclusive gelato flavour, Speculoos Kaya ($5). A brookie is a delightful combination of a cookie and a brownie, and this one had layers of brownie, cheesecake, Oreo cookies, and Oreo cheesecake. 

The creamy cheesecake layers were sweet, while the chewy brownie was chocolatey, and the Oreo cookies added a satisfying crunch. It was a decadent dessert that my colleague and I fell in love with. 


Meanwhile, the gelato had a sweet, coconutty flavour that was reminiscent of kaya, with lightly spiced speculoos crumbs found in between bites. 


Lastly, we washed it all down with a refreshing Iced Matcha Lemonade ($6). The drink had a  grassy taste from the matcha. While I wished that the lemonade had a more pronounced tanginess, my colleague, who’s not a big matcha fan, found the drink enjoyable.  

Ambience at Waffl


You can reach Waffl with an eight-minute bus ride from Jurong East MRT Station, followed by a 10-minute walk. When we arrived at 3pm, the cafe had just opened and there were no customers yet. 

I really liked how spacious the cafe was, along with its minimalistic interior. The space also exudes a relaxed and carefree atmosphere, making it ideal for hanging out with friends. 

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The verdict


The tasty offerings and ambience of Waffl really impressed me. It’s just too bad that I don’t live in the area and the location is too inconvenient for me. While the gelato selection was limited and the dessert options were not that unique, they’re still definitely worth a visit for West-siders. 

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Address: 262 Jurong East Street 24, #01-489, Singapore 600262
Opening hours: Fri-Mon 2pm to 1am, Tue to Thurs 3pm to 12am
Tel: 6993 9470
Waffl is a Muslim-owned eatery.

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Photos taken by Rifdi Syahir.
This was an independent review by Eatbook.sg

Waffl Review: Kimchi Chicken Waffle Burger, Kaya Speculoos Gelato And More In Jurong East
  • 7/10
    Waffl Review: Jurong East Cafe Open Till 1AM With Kimchi Chicken Waffles - 7/10



– Dishes are tasty and reasonably priced
– Cosy ambience


– Limited gelato selection
– Inconvenient location

Recommended dishes: Kimchi Chicken Waffl Burger ($9.90), Oreo Brookie ($5), Iced Matcha Lemonade ($6)

Opening hours: Fri-Mon 2pm to 1am, Tue to Thurs 3pm to 12am

Address: 262 Jurong East Street 24, #01-489, Singapore 600262

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