White Rabbit Peanuts Nougat Ice Cream Now Available At FairPrice And Cheers For $12.50 A Box
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White Rabbit Peanuts Nougat Ice Cream Now Available At FairPrice And Online At $2.50

8th March 2022
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White Rabbit peanuts nougat ice cream 

white rabbit peanuts nougat ice cream flatlay
Image credit: @haofoodsg

White Rabbit candy is a key part of the Singaporean childhood experience. Many Singaporeans will fondly remember indulging in the iconic rabbit logo, edible rice paper wrapping, and chewy milk candy. Now, this beloved candy has taken the form of a new ice cream flavour—White Rabbit Peanuts Nougat Ice Cream

It’s not the first time the popular childhood candy has been transformed. We’ve seen White Rabbit milk tea, White Rabbit cornflake cookies, and even new White Rabbit candy flavours, including Coffee, Coconut, and Mango. 

white rabbit peanuts nougat ice cream intro shot
Image credit: @eatandtravel.blog

Although this newest release is just a zhnged-up version of last year’s White Rabbit popsicle, there’s no doubt it will be just as popular. Hao Food SG, the sole authorised distributor of these two products, is responsible for bringing them to Singapore’s shores. 

White Rabbit Popsicle Now Available In Selected FairPrice Outlets And Online

white rabbit peanuts nougat ice cream cross section
Image credit: @eatandtravel.blog

Similar to the White Rabbit popsicle, this White Rabbit Peanuts Nougat Ice Cream will also feature a milky base. The difference between the two is that the latter stars the addition of chewy nougat pieces, with bites of crunchy peanut littered throughout.

If you found the White Rabbit popsicle plain, perhaps this new creation, with its varied textures, will be more palatable. We imagine that the peanuts bring an added dimension of flavour to the sweet treat. 

white rabbit peanut nougat ice cream sticks
Image credit: Hao Food SG

Unlike the previous popsicle, which was cylindrical in shape, this latest, peanut-and-nougat-studded ice cream takes the more conventional shape of an ice cream bar. 

white rabbit peanuts nougat ice cream box
Image credit: Hao Food SG

You can get yourself a box at selected FairPrice supermarkets, FairPrice Xpress, and Cheers outlets. Each box retails at $12.50, and contains five sticks of sugary goodness. 

Alternatively, this ice cream is also available online on Shopee, Lazada, and the FairPrice website

If you’re looking for more dessert places, Nestcha at Haji Lane has a bird’s nest bubble tea, and 99 Old Trees has just opened a new outlet at Outram Park serving durian choux puffs and more. 

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Feature image adapted from @haofoodsg and @eatandtravel.blog 

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