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Chop Chop Review: Value-For-Money Western Stall With Free Soup For Every Main Ordered

8th June 2018

Chop Chop at Toa Payoh

Chop Chop - flatlay

Hawker stalls selling Western food are everywhere, but finding a good one is always like finding a gem. Chop Chop, a Western stall that recently relocated from Kallang Bahru to Toa Payoh, is run by young folks who offer value-for-money dishes. Prices range from $6.80 to $13.80, and each main comes with a free bowl of soup! What’s special here is their sauces. There are 14 sauces, including Salted Egg Sauce and Chipotle Aioli, that you can zhng your food with.  

Chop Chop - Chicken Cutlet w Cheese & Mayo sauce

First up was a Chicken Cutlet ($6.80), where I picked cheese & mayo ($0.50) as my sauce and mashed potato as my side. There was also a generous pile of salad dressed in Thousand Island sauce.

Chop Chop - chicken cutlet (1)

As I cut up the chicken, its crispy skin produced a crackling and its crumbs scattered around the plate. Juices from the meat also flowed out and steam rose from it. With just one look, I was confident that the meat would be succulent.

Chop Chop - chicken cutlet

As expected, the chicken was very juicy. Its marination was the clear winner here, as every bite of the chicken was flavour-packed. The only negative point was that the strong flavour of the chicken masked the taste of the cheese and mayonnaise. Aside from that, the creamy sauces added a contrasting texture to the crispy chicken cutlet in a good way.

Chop Chop - mashed potatoes

There was nothing much to shout about the mashed potato since it tasted like any regular mash. The buttery mashed potato had a slightly spicy kick from black pepper sauce, which contributed to its otherwise plain taste.

Chop Chop - mashed potatoes

After the chicken cutlet exceeded my expectations, I was eager to try the Fish & Chips ($6.80) with salted egg yolk sauce ($1). Just like the chicken cutlet, the Fish & Chips came with salad dressed in Thousand Island sauce as well.

Chop Chop - SEY sauce

I poured the thick salted egg yolk sauce over the fish and let it flow down the sides. Waiting no longer, I cut up the fish. It produced a crackling too, but the sound was not as distinct as the chicken cutlet’s.

Chop Chop - SEY fish

While the fish was moist and tender, it was the salted egg yolk sauce that disappointed me. The sauce was watered down and I could barely taste any salted egg yolk flavour. I tried the sauce on its own to make sure my taste buds were not playing a trick on me, only to be met by the same bland taste. 

Chop Chop - Meaty Fries

Our last dish, Meaty Fries ($4), is one of their signature dishes. The fries were topped with chicken cubes and drizzled with cheese, mayonnaise, and barbecue sauce.

Chop Chop - SEY sauce

The chicken and sauce tasted exactly like the filling of a quesadilla, and it was a good idea to pair them with fries – the sweet barbeque sauce was able to tone down the fries’ saltiness.

For every main ordered, customers are entitled to a bowl of soup, which can be found in a pot by the counter. 

Chop Chop - menu

Aside from meats and fries, Chop Chop also serves pasta, wraps, and salads.

Ambience at Chop Chop  

Chop Chop - ambience

Chop Chop is situated at a coffee shop right beside Toa Payoh West Market & Food Centre. It’s near to some cafes, such as Creamier and Frozen by a Thousand Blessings, so you can walk over for dessert after your meal. You can reach Chop Chop by talking a short bus ride from either Toa Payoh or Braddell MRT Stations.

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The verdict

Chop Chop - storefront

I wouldn’t hesitate going back to Chop Chop for their chicken cutlet and meaty fries again. Till now, I’m still blown away by how well-marinated the chicken cutlet was. The Meaty Fries is also a must-have if you are a fan of anything cheesy.

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Address: 126 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh, Singapore 310126
Opening hours: Daily 11:30am to 9:30pm
Tel: 9742 3008
Chop Chop is not a halal eatery.

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