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23 Steak Places Offering Delivery For All Budgets

9th June 2021

Steak delivery in Singapore

Let’s face it, most steaks in Singapore do not come cheap, and it’s a pity that the Phase 2 Heightened Alert has made it harder for meat lovers to enjoy a juicy piece of steak. We have answered your calls and have compiled this list of steak places that offer delivery at every price point. Be it a hearty lunch with your fam or a romantic virtual date night with your bae, we’ve got you covered.

Under $25

1. SteakGrill

Steak Delivery - SteakGrill

SteakGrill is an up-and-coming bistro that has gained immense popularity amongst Ang Mo Kio residents. Their a la carte menu is available for delivery. Do try their NY Strip Steak ($15), which features an extra tender striploin cut that’s succulent and juicy. Their Steakgrill Hamburger Steak ($14) is also interesting, with a flame-grilled beef patty served with creamy meat sauce, as well as mac and cheese too. Get your dose of their food from platforms such as GrabFood.

Find out more on their website.

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2. Braseiro


Braseiro is a humble Joo Chiat cafe that serves up delicious cafe grub, while providing steak delivery. Do get a taste of their Flame Grilled Ribeye Steak ($19.90+ for 200g, $24.90+ for 300g, $29.90+ for 400g), which is nicely marbled with a nice pink centre. Order their steaks from delivery platforms such as Deliveroo and Foodpanda among others.

Check out their website.

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3. iSteaks Diner

STEAK DELIVERY ISTEAKSImage credit: @jtkm93

A reputable go-to spot for many meat-loving Singaporeans, iSteaks Diner dishes out quality meat dishes at wallet-friendly prices. Their 200g NZ Ribeye (from $20.56+) is a sizeable meal for one person. Choose two sides and your choice of sauce to go along with the melt-in-your-mouth treat. Delivery fees vary according to distance.

iSteaks Diner order form

4. Meet 4 Meat

steak delivery meet 4 meat

Meet 4 Meat is the brainchild of Chef Jimmy Teo—a former chef at one of the more reputable steakhouses in Singapore, Wooloomooloo Steakhouse. Jimmy’s intense dedication to his craft shows in all 240 grams of his Argentina Ribeye ($23), which is nicely marinated and ever-so succulent. You get $5 off your delivery fee for orders of $65 and above. With $100 and above spent, you get free delivery.

Call 8290 3605 to order.
Find out more on their Facebook page

5. The Burning Oak

steak delivery burning oak

Fans of The Burning Oak at Bedok Marketplace will be glad to hear that they now offer steak delivery. Savour their decadent Wagyu Rump Ala Carte MBS ⅘ ($14), which comes with 120 grams of beef and is tender with just the right amount of fat marbling.

The stall provides free delivery to locations near their stall in Bedok Marketplace for orders $70 and above. Orders must be placed by 9.30pm the day before the scheduled delivery, and must follow a standard message template to expedite the ordering process.

The Burning Oak delivery order form

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Under $40

6. The Feather Blade

steak delivery featherblade

The Feather Blade serves up solid flat iron steaks and beef bowls at the hip Club Street, and they now offer steak delivery. The Feather Blade Steak ($23+) is a best-seller, and features 200g of juicy, thinly cut flat iron steak from the cow’s shoulder. The steak is paired with their curated house-made Sichuan Peppercorn sauce to complement the flavour profile of the succulent steak. There’s no minimum order, and a flat $10 islandwide delivery fee applies. This fee is waived for orders above $100

The Feather Blade order form

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7. Meat N Chill

steak delivery meat n chill

Meat N Chill is another joint that is known for its mouth-watering and affordable flame-grilled steaks. Try their Flame-Grilled Steak (from $19), which consists of pure melt-in-your-mouth meaty goodness. The steaks come with your choice of two sides, which include buttered corn, creamy mashed potatoes, and refreshing coleslaw. For free islandwide delivery, there’s a minimum order of $100 for these steaks. 

Call 8812 4455 to order
Meat N Chill delivery order form

8. Jack’s Place

steak delivery jacks placeImage credit: @thelittlequeenn

Jack’s Place is Singapore’s OG Western restaurant. This classy and timeless joint never fails to deliver comforting plates of steak. Opt for the Jack’s Special Steak ($30.50+), where tasty eye fillet steak is slathered with a rich mushroom sauce. It’s then served with seasonal veggies and their signature baked potato with toppings such as bacon bits and sour cream. There’s a minimum order of $50 and an islandwide delivery fee ranging from $5 to $6 depending on your home location. Orders can be made on their website.

Jack’s Place order form

9. New Ubin Seafood

steak delivery new ubin seafoodImage credit: @pingggueats

New Ubin Seafood is the only seafood restaurant on this list, and besides dishing out quality seafood, they do serve up good quality steaks. Get a taste of their USDA Black Angus ‘Choice’ Ribeye ($15++/100g), which is the only beef steak dish on the menu. The steak is done medium rare and boasts a nice pink centre. Juicy and tender, the steak goes well with the other seafood dishes on their menu. The restaurant offers islandwide delivery with a minimum order of $50. The delivery fee varies according to locations and is waived for orders above $200.

New Ubin Seafood order form

10. Fat Belly

steak delivery fat belly

Fat Belly is a modest yet reputable steakhouse that serves a wide range of steaks at every price point. For a tasty yet affordable steak, try their Icon Wagyu Marble Score 4/5 Petit Tender (from $30+), which consists of 200 grams of meaty goodness. There’s a minimum order of $60, and a flat $7 delivery fee applies. This fee is waived if you make an order of $150 or more.

Fat Belly order form

Above $40

11. The Market Grill

steak delivery market grillImage credit: @valerieysabelle

The Market Grill delivers a wide range of expertly grilled meat, ranging from tasty steaks to fleshy lobsters. A solid dish would be their Steak Frites features 250g of black Angus striploin and crispy fries at $58+.

If you’re craving for a different cut, try the Blackmore Wagyu Steak 250g ($58+), which has a melt-in-your-mouth consistency. All steaks are done medium unless requested otherwise. There’s a minimum order of $50 with a flat $9 islandwide delivery fee. Free delivery applies for orders of $200 and above. 

The Market Grill order form

12. Opus Bar & Grill

steak delivery opus bar and grillImage credit: @weitingforfood

Feasting on delicious flame-grilled steaks while sipping on full-bodied wines is the way to go at opulent Opus Bar & Grill which now provides steak delivery. Tender and nicely grilled, their 300g Wagyu Sirloin Australia ($83.46) is a heavenly cut on its own. There’s a minimum order of $80 with a $25 fee for islandwide delivery. The restaurant accepts payment mostly through credit or debit card payment.

Opus Bar & Grill delivery order form

13. L’Entrecote The Steak & Fries Bistro

steak delivery l'entrecoteImage credit: @bambi16

L’Entrecote is famous for serving a prized cut of beef rib, the traditional entrecote, to the masses. This French favourite is slathered with their legendary secret sauce, and is the restaurant’s speciality dish. You can find it on their delivery menu, under French Bistro Fare ($138+ for a couple, $250+ for a family of four).

Besides the tender beef steak, the set consists of house-made charcuterie like duck foie gras terrine and pate de campagne, as well as golden French fries, mixed green salad, baguette and dark chocolate mousse. There is a minimum order of $50 with a flat $18 islandwide delivery fee. This delivery is free for orders $180 and above.

Call/WhatsApp 8121 3247 to order
Check out the full menu on their website

14. Les Bouchons

steak delivery les bouchons
Image credit: @jianzhongthegreat

Les Bouchons is a steakhouse that showcases their own modern take on French cuisine by providing steak delivery. If you’re feeling hungry and have some cash to spare, do try their Giant “Cote de Boeuf” ($125++), which consists of a succulent Angus prime rib. This meaty monstrosity is meant for two people and weighs an entire kilogram! There’s no minimum order, and customers that live within a 2km radius from the restaurant or have orders above $150 will be entitled to free delivery. If you live outside that radius, there is a flat $10 delivery fee. 

Call 6733 4414 to order
Check out the full menu on their website

15. Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse

steak delivery bistecca tuscanImage credit: @thefatreindeer

Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse is an Italian steakhouse that specialises in Florentine steak, which is a thick char-grilled T-bone steak, prepared in the traditional Tuscan style. Their signature 1.1kg Fiorentina ($230+) will feed a whole family just fine. Though thick, the cut is tender and retains a moist centre. It’s served according to your preferred level of doneness. There’s no minimum order with a flat $15 delivery fee. 

Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse order form

16. Burnt Ends

steak delivery burnt endsImage credit: @thegluttonproject

Burnt Ends is an uber-popular modern Australian barbecue restaurant that has been a constant on the list of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants for the past few years. Their 200g Kagoshima A5 Wagyu Striploin ($139.10+) is superb for steak delivery, and each succulent piece just melts in your mouth.

Another signature of theirs is the Steak Sando ($48.15+), which consists of beef tenderloin, coated with a piquant black garlic barbecue sauce and sandwiched between fluffy white loaves. There’s a minimum order of $75 with a flat $12.84 islandwide delivery fee.

Burnt Ends order form

17. Wooloomooloo Steakhouse

steak delivery wooloomoolooImage credit: @epicuriandiariesblog

Wooloomooloo Steakhouse is an esteemed steakhouse known for providing stunning views of the city skyline. Try their Cooked Homestead Grass-Fed Filet Mignon ($46+), which consists of 225g of the prized filet mignon cut that’s widely known for its immense degree of tenderness. If you’re looking to share a steak with your fam, get the Great Southern Pinnacle Grass-Fed Fed Striploin ($130+), which features a hefty 1kg of meaty goodness. There’s no minimum order, but a flat $8 delivery fee applies. 

Wooloomooloo Steakhouse delivery order form


steak delivery skirtImage credit: @theboldestgrill

SKIRT is an elegant steakhouse known for its stunning interior and posh booth seats, and most importantly, mouth-watering steaks. Their Argentinian Grass-Fed Sirloin ($68) is extremely tender and juicy, and comes with a side of crispy fries and seasonal salad. Besides the beef steaks, you’ll be able to choose from a smorgasbord of luxurious meats, such as the Iberico Pork Tomahawk ($78). There’s a minimum order of $40 with a flat $8.56 delivery fee. 

SKIRT order form

19. Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

steak delivery wolfgang'sImage credit: @reddotfoodjourney

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse delivers quality steaks that are worth their price point. Try their Ribeye Steak ($148+). This delicious, juicy beef is delightfully smoky with a hint of pepper. We recommend topping up $5+ for Bearnaise sauce, as its creaminess goes splendidly with the steak. There’s no minimum order, and a flat $15 delivery fee applies. This fee is waived for orders above $80

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse order form

20. Bedrock Bar & Grill

steak delivery bedrockImage credit: @foodiepink

Bedrock Bar & Grill is known for serving up woodfire-grilled steaks and burgers of superb quality. Each piece of their steak is a mouthful of delight. Try their Ribeye Cap Steak ($128+), which features grain-fed ribeye that’s extremely tender with a good rendering of fat. There’s no minimum order, and a flat $15 delivery fee applies.  Mastercard holders that spend $100 or more will have their delivery fee waived with the promo code ‘MCFREE’. Orders can be made on their website.

Bedrock Bar & Grill order form

21. Fat Cow

steak delivery fat cowImage credit: @freshwaterspaceman

Fat Cow has made a name for itself as being one of the best Japanese steakhouses in Singapore, and you can now get steak delivery here! Try their famed 21 Day Dry-Aged A5 Nagasaki Wagyu Premium Donburi ($138+). This decadent dish features top-quality Japanese Wagyu that’s dry-aged for 21 days to bring out a myriad of flavours. This premium rice bowl also comes with luxurious ingredients such as caviar, ikura, foie gras, and is then topped with a creamy onsen egg.

There’s no minimum order, and a flat $15 delivery fee applies. Mastercard holders who spend $100 or more will have their delivery fee waived with the promo code ‘MCFREE’. Orders can be made on their website. 

Fat Cow order form

22. Black Pearl Steakhouse

steak delivery black pearlImage credit: @wild_biao_catch

Black Pearl Steakhouse has been touted as one of the best steakhouses in the East. They only use quality meats, and bring in premium meats from Australia, America and Argentina. Do get a taste of their 350g Prime Ribeye ($68), which is smoky and ever-so succulent. All their steaks are served with red wine sauce and a rich and creamy potato salad. There’s a flat islandwide delivery fee of $18, with free delivery for orders above $150.

Black Pearl Steakhouse order form

23. Culina at COMO Dempsey

steak delivery culinaImage credit: @comodempsey

Culina at COMO Dempsey is a widely known bistro and grocer at Dempsey Hill that dishes out delectable Western cuisine. For a solid steak dish of superb quality, try their Sirloin Steak Black Onyx Black Angus ($46.73+). It’s tender and succulent, and every morsel of meat is pleasant and smoky. The dish is served with a juicy vine-ripe tomato and red wine sauce. There’s no minimum order, and a flat $10 delivery fee applies. This fee is waived for orders above $100 as long as you enter the promo code “FREEDELIVERY” at checkout

Culina at COMO Dempsey order form

Steak delivery catering to all budgets in Singapore

Despite the fact that we can’t exactly have a proper night out at steak restaurants currently, we hope these steak delivery places will suffice for the time being and satisfy most of our meat-loving cravings.

For other food delivery options around, check out our guide to hawker burger deliveries around as well. If not, read our guide to bak chang deliveries for the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival celebrations.

This article was originally written on 30 April 2020.

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